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🎄Christmas in motion 🎅

🎄Christmas in motion 🎅

I. Gross Motor Skills

Legs stomp, boots leave tracks in the snow,

Running fast, catching friends before they go.

Building big snowman, arms reach high,

Sledding down the hill, laughter fills the sky.


II. Fine Motor Skills

Knotting ribbons carefully on rows,

Delicate fingers are nimble, love bestows.

Cutting paper snowflakes, tying colorful t...

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ChristmasMerry ChristmasSantaWinter

Low Winter Son

I kick away the leaves
uncover the carved stones
And reading your names again
I let those feelings flood in

The two of you rest together
laid deep beneath the earth
There’s a tree that grows above you
and here’s me, treading my own winter

Life was in wealth, awhile
but I’ve been chasing that warmth 
for three decades now
I’m tired and my body aches

There will be fireworks tonight

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Grey winter chills me, stops me, binds me

Like ice sliding into my body..freezing my soul

Thoughts frozen can’t move me  

Lifeless limbs burning with cold

A stillness that isn’t calm 

A coldness that does me harm

Restricts my life’s horizon

Only my heart with the heat to fire my mind

A heart still beating for you 

A never dying ember of love

Let’s live where the sun a...

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September Sunset

Golden windows
And golden walls. 
Silver back surfers
Riding through the fall. 
I'm here waiting 
Why can't I stay in the Golden halls?

The trees are embers. 
There are apples on the floor.
I get the feeling 
death is at my door.  
wish I could stay in the golden halls. 

The golden halls. 
The golden halls. 
Wish I could stay in the golden halls.

This is about ...

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The winter frost calls
As memories of spring fade,
Autumn breeze beckons

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frostseasonshaiku seasonsspringautumnwinter

Winter Chill

The cold winter air whistles melodically

A gentle breeze sneaks past my fingers

Blue Lipped

Frozen Feet 

Teary eyed

Memories of autumn spring forth

So close yet so far away

Teddy coat wearers scattered across the London fog

AirPods in, walking briskly

Listening to my favourite tunes 

Not trying to blend in 

Just learning to be

Realising that happiness is free

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