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Kundalini yoga

I woke up with this poem almost fully 'written' for me this morning. This is about the journey of energy and makes me realise that sometimes poetry is meditation.

Kundalini calls
Coiled serpent awakes 

Travels up spine
Til reaches 10th gate
Passing through rays 
Of red at the root
Converts fear & rage 
To courage & truth
And now that it's mastered 
Danger & risk
It soaks up the warm...

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Aethereal protégée

Universal consciousness is omnipresent
— living vicariously, we too are one - and the same,
Having the time of our lives
all knowing— enlightened divine sparks
going —Godspeed.

This is a way of life:

Anatomic amino acid building blocks chain letters,
into the complex double helix;
in our initials is a chemical signature—me and my significant other have between us—
this bond, that

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