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Spirit storm

Deep inside me
Buried in my soul
There's a giant storm
Raging out of control

Everything is entangled
In the winds without direction
Everything lost their place
Because of the destruction

Feelings became broken
In the shadow of fears
And I lose in seconds
What I won in years

Desires became fragments
Being slashed by my doubts
Their light disappears
In this eternal blackout


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The poet’s fight

I have always heard
That love is a war
That it’s a battle of feelings
That can go very far

And in this serious battle
I am one of the players
I am the one fighting
To achieve my prayers

I need to be strong
And use everything I can
I need to be myself
I need to have a plan

I need to strike first
I need to give the first blow
I need a good impression
I need anything to show


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It runs in my family
I thought I was lucky
That the gene had skipped me
But I was wrong
It's not a substance I cannot give up
It's you I am addicted to

Years went by
And the fire that once raged
Was nothing but a barely glowing ember
I thought I was done
That I was in the clear
But I found you again
And the feeling is creeping back in
The weight on my heart
I feel it with every bre...

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lovedesireLongingunrequited love

what you fear is fear itself

what you fear is fear itself
what you fear is rain itself
what you fear is the rain of destruction
destruction rain down on destruction
fear rain down on fear
destiny come calling
destiny come calling on fear

destiny come calling on rain
fear come calling on fear
desire is worth a lion’s tail
desire is worth a lion’s fear
desire is worth a lion’s destiny
desire is worth a lion’s dest...

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