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I pride myself on being alone

And in it finding joy.

I scroll through my social media,

those carefully curated feeds.

Watch silly humans

on my screen, 


Put on whatever soap,

Not picky with tropes.

Listen to my favourite song,

That always ropes me into singing along.

Noise follows me around,

Faces surround,

All of the time.

I don't mind it when I...

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Sometimes the sunshines in winter unexpectedly

Sometimes the person you thought was a friend turns out an enemy

People are not always what they seem on the surface

The man who made you feel like royalty

Suddenly makes you feel worthless

All the promised plans were just to pacify

The times when I felt appreciated have gone now I can't satisfy

I hope you fly high

When you do ...

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Alonemental painFaith in God


There I was,

Standing in the storm,

Walking through the dark world,


All alone. 

Light was dim,

Lamps burnt cold,

Silence all heard,

But my heart's wild roar.


Then there You came,

A gust in the storm,

With Your competitive smile,

And encouraging eyes,

"You done, already?", 

You said, with that smile.

"What more can I do?"

"Race till the t...

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left alonedark nights aloneLifeRealcaptivealonelonelypoetrylitcreativewritingfreedomstorm


All this world,

Is one big stage,

And we star as mere actors,

In its brilliant plays.

Every face, a pretty smile,

But Is it truly what meets the eye?


"We my dear, are best of friends,

 Joy, or despair, 

 I'll be near.

 Cotton clouds,

 Or coarse sand,

 Side by side,

 Hand in hand.

 One day, at last,

 Harsh winds?

 They'll have to pass." 



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