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When Faith is bestowed upon one's soul 

Life shall never be the same 

With a name meaning Gift of God

Then one must live up to his name


We walked through holy grounds 

We had a chat a healing chat 

Young spiritual Brother 

Troubled oh brother of mine 

Gentle natured of course knowledge ahead of his time


Archangel first name and middle beloved 

Longing to pro...

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Thespiantroubled mindsfriendship


I almost regret to write this poem

for fear it may vanish

flicker away like Evan's flame

scared of the voices

that murmurs that carry its name

across the wind

whispers of That


but it only lives for a little

hiding in plain sight

waiting to be noticed

so it may slip away

one more time


only to be invited back

by the warm, orange glow

of the everlas...

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A friend of mine once said these words to me:

‘All friends are just a waste of space.’

(I wondered why he was my friend!)

‘They’re unreliable, you see.

They let you down and disappoint

And put your nose right out of joint.

They claim to love, but in the end,

You can’t believe what’s etched upon their face.’


‘Their comradeship is no more than a front.

They all end up...

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