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Auntie's Clock

With pride of place, as tall as me

Only more alive

Regular as clock-work it got polished

Or wound for its chimes.

In between she used to say (knowing my mother)

"Don't mind her, you're as good as anyone" but later

Few women polished me, let alone wound my spring

I never kept good time or chimed and

Rarely got listened to

I'm ticking over now

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auntie' clockchimesspringticking over

Love Blossoms

Every year

In her own time

She comes

Our moments are brief

But this I can rely on

Her scent is sweet

Her beauty exquisite

O, how I long for the days

When our eyes finally meet

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​​​​​​Call the trade descriptions police...we've been sold the wrong spring this year!!!!


Like a metal coil


In a tense, uncertain


And when the pressure is


Many mere mortals, by then


They thought that


Was daffodils

Now life has fallen

Almost still

Invisible, silent, viral


The question is

Do we 


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SpringCorona virusNews

Ghost spring

Ghostly creatures.
Distance, restriction,
Non existing life.
I miss deep kisses
And hands on my body.
I miss warm words
And expression.
Nature goes on,
Blossoming in competition,
Nurture me with sunny spells
On empty train stations. 
Spring in my heart, 
But not in other's hearts. 
I want to explode, 
So full of life. 
Blow all the ghosts away, 
Past shadows of the winter. 

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We adore the spring, such lovely weather,
When blue sky and sun come out together. 
The blossom blooms, as do the flowers, 
And we may expect some April showers.

See chirping birds and buzzing bees. 
Feel the temperate air and gentle breeze. 
View the plants and trees, we see them greening 
And may be time for us to start spring cleaning 

What a perfect time to be outside.
To roam thi...

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Stuart VannerSpringSeasons

Swallowed by the Shine of the Sun

Sitting in the sun
Soaking up the warmth 
Staring out into the distance 
Hoping that something will change
Every time I’m in the light

With the rustle of leaves
And birds flying by
Whistling to their mates
Signaling Spring is here
Everything finally feels right


[Feb 2020]

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