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Good comments

Good comments 

Friday, 31st August 2018


It is reciprocal 

for any individual

to respond the call

and smash the wall


yes, if one comes with the gesture

make sure

that he is  responded with

an answer clearly worded 


but not always

as it may not show the orderly way

to read and respond

sometimes you may not find the mood


but make a point


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It's pleasure

It's pleasure

Friday,31st August 2018


Yes. it is pleasure

and blessings for sure

that an almighty has showered

the mercy with the lovely offer


the person may have enough

yet he may long to cough

for his desire 

to be fulfilled here 


is it not the miracle?

that you may be known as blessed  among the people

who have everything now 

and go with th...

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Friday, 31st August 2018


Tears are always there

to make sure

those sentiments are protected

and positively responded


when you are engulfed

by the unknown fears and suffered

the setback

you are packed with the emotions 


had it not been there?

you could have remained under the constant fear  

and could have never come out 

the tears rush a...

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The words are meant to

Words are 

Wednesday, 29th August 2018


Yes, I feel the pleasure

to find the words for sure

and present the correct picture

of my mental stature


I have feelings

of well behaved human being

who tries to bring 

the closeness of nature and sing 


I find the sweetness of songs

from the birds

when they chirp 

and keep the voice of freedom 



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Masterstroke of the language


Wednesday,29th August 2018


Language always helps

to bridge the gulf and keeps

the human spirit up

and stops any misgivings


mastery over the language is a must

and helps to strengthen the trust 

it goes to rule over the hearts

and forms as humanitarian art 


if you can convey 

in an effective language and stay

with the full control of f...

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Take the pledge

Take the pledge

Monday, 27th August 2018


Any forum

which maintains the decorum

always excels in the filed

as writers/poets held them together


it has a tendency to go upward

and not look backward

this is how motivational strips does

the credit too goes to all of us and admins


it is the space

that is important for all of us

I will write three


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Love with hatred

Love with hatred

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

10:29 AM


We don't know in full about the mysterious history

as it resulted in the partition of the country

thousands of the people were butchered on the way

the bitter memory is likely to stay for a long period


who did not love United India?

but what were their pleas?

partition of the motherland

and earn the dividend


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The heart burns

The heart burns

Sunday, 26th August 2018


What does the nobleman present?

and send

the signals of the true essence

and we seize it at once


when he speaks something!

it tends to bring

some changes in human behavior

and that is called an honor


it is much to our delight

and we find it right

as the only option

to live with the cordial relations



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Faith keeps us

Faith keeps us 


Monday,27th August 2o18


Yes, the life goes on 

many things are positively done 

some yields the success

others deny an access


but have the good faith 

it is certain to meet the death 

you may live longer or shorter 

all have to leave the world sooner or later 


when you leave entire life in His hand

he will not only act as savior ...

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True creator

True creator

Sunday, 26th August 2018


Reinvent yourself within

and find the scene

with the conscience

you will find His presence


whatever you may present

that shall be with his consent

you shall always be recognized

and your action shall be obliged


if we believe that

God has sent us

with the full faith and trust

you must thrive hard and insist


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Simple mean

Simple mean

Sunday, 26th August 2018


My thoughts pour on the page

the pen moves with an experience of an age

it is the medium or carriage

with all the respect for critical phase


an ink is beautifully spread

in the form of verses to read

get on well with the concept

and the vow in mind is kept


it may sing for happiness

or go for the pain on the face


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Feel no sore

Feel no sore

Saturday,26th August 2018


Each set back is a lesson 

for a person

to pick up the threads

and lead


each teardrop

makes you not to stop

but go ahead 

and positively read


if a person is positive

he will always read and behave

with the more resolute approach

and try to reach


it makes him more sensible

of all the people


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The best method

Best method

Saturday, 26th August 2018



and find the cause

for the irritation

and rationale behind


anything, which is done in haste

it lasts no long

and leads you to go

and disproportionately blow


step forward

but with a word

to inner conscience

and feel its essence


it saves you from an embarrassment

 and protects you from the m...

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The reasons for

Reasons for 

Thursday, 23rd August 2018


The life has to be a special one

with the purpose to carry on 

and not to be spent on bygones

but should be concentrated on good ones


the life has an angle

and if you can make a triangle

and remain among the people

the life shall be led sans any trouble


even if you go to someone

with selfless work to be done 


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With a rose in hand

With a rose in hand

Wednesday,22nd August 2018


I dreamed only her

and ran after

wherever she moved

and almost proved


not that she was pretty smart

or looked a piece of an art

but I wanted her from the very start

and make her to be the part


I was unsure

about the future

I wanted to give her

"is it a great honor"?


I found no answer


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The personal approach

Personal approach

Thursday,23rd August 2013


An argument is no answer

for any person to offer the solution

to the troubled mind

and easily find an answer


it is common fact

that our acts are full of treachery

deception and lies are hidden in our action

these factors are very much existent in our reactions


so life can't be imagined

and goal can be defin...

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Until the cessation

Until the cessation 
Tuesday, 21st August 2018

It may matter less
if we have to face
by following an untrue path 
and fearing  each moment the possible death 

it is material 
what preachers preach to the people!
what others might say
we should think clearly and stay 

If I believe in destiny
and leave it to the discretion of an almighty 
I don't think there is any cause for the worry 

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No to any reply

No to any reply

Tuesday, 22nd August 2018


It is simply the human nature

that likes to assure

that a person he runs after

must look good and prettier


it happens unusually with us

that we always keep the trust

in an almighty and leave

all the decisions and firmly believe in his authority


it is a simple query to make sure

for asking a picture

and the...

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Honey testes

Honey tests 
Monday.20th August 2018

If honey tests sweet
the love shall greet
with sweetness 
and smile on the face

it is one of the best
that is not put to the test 
you compare it with no one
you shall get an answer from none

money has no role
but it can respond the call
with a lavish throw of the show
if you prefer to blow with it

hearts mingle
with nice people
and resp...

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Perfect or imperfect

Perfect or imperfect

Monday, August 20, 2018

10:33 AM


Perfect or imperfect

you are a friend, in fact,

tackle it with tact

and never react


you said it in earnest

I liked it as best

there has to be no test

be assured about the rest


I am carried away by your words

and look forward

for the golden day

when you shall join my day


I have no ...

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Monday,20th August 2018

Emotions rush
and flush the memory out 
with the fears
and pain to bear
the memory is strong
something has gone wrong 
with no mood to sing a song
to keep silence and remain silent among 


it hurts from inside
and decides
not to reveal
but curb the feel

it has the direct bearing
the body is tearing apart 
the pain takes over the ...

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under the magic spell

Under the magic spell 

Friday,17th August 2018


We are land of the free advisors 

in each house, you shall find stage actors

very much learned and you would love to adore

but it is all for the outer show 


so they talk sweet

greet humbly 

bent down to show respect

but mind well, it is an act to inspect 


such nonsense is widespread

and you will know whe...

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Struggle hard

Struggle hard

Friday,17th August 2018


It is always you

who troubles me through

the sleepless nights

and makes me tight with fear


the night seems to be scary

I feared it at night daily

you were as if intruding in my personal domain

making me restless even


even the slight sound makes me impatient

as if you are knocking the window at present

I run to...

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Woman's part

Woman's part

Friday,17th August 2018


So Sad 

but turned good one

later on 

the battle was almost won 


Life is colorful

and love is so beautiful

even though we consider it as a gift 

it makes a sudden shift 


We are all prone to human weaknesses 

and that becomes apparent to witness

someone deserts and life turns into hell 

leaving behind the gir...

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Rise again

Rise again

Wednesday, 15th August 2018


I shall build

and yield

no ground

for the deception to be found


I was fully aware

still dared

to find a place for my love

and I sincerely believed


what was in the store?

when I adored your words

and looked forward

with no compromise of words


It soon became the reality

that you proved to be not w...

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We promise

We promise as the nation

Wednesday, 15th August 2018


We rejoice

and keep alive the promises

we care for our independence

and give full chance


Today is the time to take the pledge

to show the clear edge

in the field of poverty

and people facing the misery


Yes, we have the faith in our people

who had struggled in the past

and still continue to


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No happiness here

No happiness

Tuesday, 14th August 2018


Love is not what you seek

honesty is not what you speak

The girls want no show of strength

but the willingness to go up to the full length


no one shall send you the text

or say"will meet you next"

they see the nature of the person

and see no other reason


where does lie the ugliness?

on the face?

in the appear...

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Feel the intensity

Feel the intensity

Tuesday,14th August 2018


It is the clear mind

that finds the space

the space to be used

and no good thought to be refused


why does it not strike everybody? 

it may be the wish of somebody

yet only the fortunate people are showered 

the good words enter the mind and stand uttered


the human mind is gifted

and the scene is shifted


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Looks so simple

Look so simple 
Sunday, 12th August 2018

Think of no way ahead
and silently lead
you may find the bright rays
the passing of the long tunnel may pay

yes, not all the people succeed
but not all the people fail either
you must define the goal
and make the concerted drive and call

no at all must be thought 
an ending of the life or any of that sort 
it is the cowardice
and holds no...

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Women everywgere

Woman everywhere

Sunday,12th August 2018


Oh, God! it is always a woman

for the survival of a man

to be successful in the journey

and finally surrender to an almighty


This is the set pattern

with no more concern

we all try to sail smoothly

and enjoy it jointly


the woman is always there

with the magnificent look here

ready to serve the basic needs


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In the direction

In the direction

Monday, 13th August 2018


It is pointless to argue

and take the view

the internal bad elements

and give them slight moments


they will force you to go ahead

without being well read

that what shall happen

if hasty things are taken into consideration


use head and mind

and then find

it's vulnerability

that shall prove your ability


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So beautiful

So beautiful

Thursday, 9th August 2018


Life had been beautiful earlier too 

Only you got to realize through 

the sense of inner happiness

there shall always be the shine on the face 


That is the real beauty

and it has been bestowed upon us by an almighty 

suddenly you find change 

and you certainly fall for it to manage


yes only one meet

and you gree...

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Offer your self

Offer yourself

Thursday, August 9, 2018

6:44 AM


The silence

makes you no tense

rather it gives you courage

to come out of solitary confinement and manage


yes, it is the mind

that finds the space

to think more of a positive side

and secretly decide


it takes you somewhere

where you feel no fear

and finds the self-solace

and you are back in the...

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The spirit soars high

Spirit soars high

Wednesday, 8th August 2018


What to say and what not

you have really fought

your way out

and openly talked about


your pen

writes and strikes as the sharp weapon

it cuts through the evil forces

and forms an inspirational force


no, it was never a dream

but you worked as the social team

that raised the spirit of the people

and hel...

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Overcome the shock

Overcome the shock

Monday, 6th August 2018


The tears drop

not because the man flops

or meet with the failure

but the pain is more


man or woman

we all are human

we react badly to unusual things

and try to bring some solace


love is a different thing

either person sings in praise

or drops tears

in frustration or an anger


the permanent setb...

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The person knows

The person knows


Monday, 6th August 2018


Don't be the stupid dreamer

if you are not the real swimmer

an ocean may fascinate you

but you can't blind jump into and pass through


certain things are meant for

and you get it over

but few things make you sore

as they are not destined to be covered


seek only those things

which can bring

the good fort...

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Let us be

Let us be

Sunday, August 5, 2018

6:32 AM



you may like the heaven 

but here I am driven

and it reminds me of sudden 



I can't go 

by that separation 

it is tied with relation 


I am no different 

from the past or present 

I made it known

I am simply  a human 


the distance doesn't mar

even if you are far 

you are so ...

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Get in well

Get in well

Sunday, August 5, 2018

6:47 AM


the thirst can be quenched 

and the point can be reached

you can surely be satisfied 

if life is spent nicely and nothing has been lied


the source lies within 

it may not be seen 

but felt very clearly 

and you preserve it very dearly 


not all the people may experience

and take the chance

for holy deep


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At first sight


At first sight

Friday, August 3, 2018

10:49 AM


At first sight

I felt it right

to love at once

and take the chance


Your eyes said it all

there was no obstruction or wall

I needed the courage to fall

and go all out to respond the call


you made a wink

and made me sink

was it the reason to think?

and put the sentiments with an ink



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In an easy time

In an easy time

Friday, 3rd August 2018


Whenever he is not writing

he may be visiting

the nearby places

where he finds an easy access


nature is a safe refuge

where no one can refuse

his entry into the kingdom

where flows only wisdom


after all, nature provides

and adds

to your knowledge

an added advantage


the birds and animals speak noth...

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No violation of the modesty

No violation of modesty

Friday, 3rd August 2018


The rape is fully defined

but the recent utterances are refined

the rape attempt

it is considered as an assault


If it is consensual

then it can be taken as casual

no definition is needed

and no cognizance is ordered


it is the question of modesty

and nobody can blame the society

it is shame on the cou...

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The day

The day 


Wednesday, 1st Aug 2018


The day is for all of us

to pray first

then carry on with the routine 

and wish all for the fine work


The night is for the rest

but that can be turned into best

by doing worthwhile 

and still,bear the smile 


when we return fro the job

we feel something is robbed of 

by watching the people running 

and the d...

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So beautiful yourself

So beautiful 


Wednesday, 1st August 2018


To know self

is to open the door of the shelf

where remains hidden 

the secrets of heaven 


we may not like 

but always like

the self-being with the crown 

and to be known all over


such is our wish 

and that never finishes

with the confined wall of an ego

and it lasts till we go or depart



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