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No to any reply

Tuesday, 22nd August 2018


It is simply the human nature

that likes to assure

that a person he runs after

must look good and prettier


it happens unusually with us

that we always keep the trust

in an almighty and leave

all the decisions and firmly believe in his authority


it is a simple query to make sure

for asking a picture

and then base an opinion

whether to go for any relation


certain curiosities cast no doubt

as it is asked about marital status

this happens with a person

who really seeks someone for good reasons


it becomes an easy matter

if someone offers the hand

and he or she tries to be the close friend

it ends the moment you say no to send any reply

One thing must be kept in mind

The mind should be kept free to find

If any accommodation is possible

This takes place only when you try to know the people


Hasmukh Amathalal Mehta


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