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Thug Life Quote/Of Mine #2

{Thug Life Quote/Of Mine #2} 




​​​​​​Through my eyes

 you all will one day 

 see the real world  

 the way God meant it 

 to be without killings,

 murderers walking 

 free in our society 

 and our young youth 

 having to slang dope 

 to put in their mailboxes 

 to​​​ support and feed their

 poor families so they can 

survive through to a 


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Ignorance is bliss

So I guess that they've imprisoned us into this predetermined preposition 

When the truth is there so blatantly but we can't help but not to listen 

Because ignorance is bliss so we'll stay blissfully unaware 

As to the GMO's in all our food and the geo engineering in the air 

I suppose we'll go organic and refuse the water from the tap 

What about the metals likened to a subtle che...

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Autumn solitude
in a world of two colours
the rush of the wind.


Chris Hubbard


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Selfishly Human


Every bit of what I see, I soak up like they are my needs for survival;  I take it in to make me feel whole. 

Each star dot-to-dot, I join, thieving the light from the sky. 

The trees, the grass I will smell.

Then no one can ever smell them again. 

The windows, the rooftops, the buildings, bottles, bins, buses and the yellow droplets of fuel that seep from their engines;

I will...

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Love will conquer all

Hello guys! I'm new here... so please be nice :)

So I've decided to share with you my latest poem which I have titled "Love will conquer all". I decided to write this peom as a dedication to the recent attacks in my home-town London and in Manchester. I hope you enjoy.

Love will conquer all

We will not back down

We will all unite

We will join as one

And we will win this fight!


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Poetry mix


Time goes on

The world does too

Our Nature grows and dies

Our technology expands and flies

We manifest and destroy

To make ends meet

Even with passing days

We forget about the increasing heat

Or the decreasing ice sheets

Nothing seems important

To global tyrants and corporations

But money and power

At the cost of decreasing our showers

We accept it whic...

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They say..

They say 5 a day and a number of vaccines are what you need to be healthy                          

They say that cancer can't be cured and that a plant should be outlawed, but what's the reality

They say we need to go to war but we've heard it all before, and it's not how it should be            

They say we need to vote so get in line, as if we have a choice this time, they act like we'...

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They make you promised,

But when the promises are broken,

They shout to the world that you are a liar.


They forced you to believe,

But when you lose faith,

They swear to god that you are not a believer


They seek your love,

But when you are forced to love them,

They says you are a slut, that's only want to play with their heart.


They craved for happiness,


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