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When will I start living my life?

Tomorrow? Tuesday? 


When will I be a size 8?

Have Double Ds

Have boys falling over me

Have an arse as big as Kylie's


When will my Prince arrive?

In Air Max and some Adidas

Or if I'm lucky, he might even kiss me

Take me home, then leave me


Unsatisfied and alone

It's all experience though


Only then will I be ha...

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Ignorance is bliss

So I guess that they've imprisoned us into this predetermined preposition 

When the truth is there so blatantly but we can't help but not to listen 

Because ignorance is bliss so we'll stay blissfully unaware 

As to the GMO's in all our food and the geo engineering in the air 

I suppose we'll go organic and refuse the water from the tap 

What about the metals likened to a subtle che...

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Rise Up...Live Your Truth

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Step Into the recesses of my heart, mind and soul. participate in stimulating ,thought provoking but brutally honest chats. Whether its company ,advice or a need to vent or simply laugh, no topic is off the table. Un-accepting sanctimonious non-humans, so blinded by their ignorance and fear they can't see the beauty in the unique-ness of each of us are Not welcomed. With the magic within words I...

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I like how this looks on you 



You wear it 




I won't lie, I'm enjoying this 

You can't seem to comprehend how I 

a woman 

a girl 

will fight back


How I am more than blood, sweat and tears

I am jubilations


and festivals in this body 


I was birthed by a goddess 

I did not fall onto this E...

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feminismfighting backpowerprotectionrape

Keys and Locks

I did not

give you permission

There was a question you missed 

an answer

you did not care for


As you entered through these gates, 

permission only given to the worthy like yellow roses for sick grandmothers,

I remembered how it felt to be weak

That is the sensation you gave me

Not like ripples on ponds but tears that fell as tsunamis and strength that was non-existe...

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Do you hear me now?

You look at me and forget

I was strong before I was pretty 


You disregard my mind in hopes that my heart is a path leading you to my body and briefly

I regret to have met you, you see my eyes before you hear my voice


For you have already forgotten the first rule; I am strong 


So when I love, I love strongly

And when I hurt, I hurt badly 


But when I scream, ...

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Vivendi insufficiens

I've been trying to explain for so long that you are more,
You are more than a 9-5 dead end job
You are more than a number placed on this earth.
You have much more to you than you aspire,
Much more to you than they aspire for you.

Now I don't know about you,
But I know that as a race we should be fed up,
Fed up with all the bullshit that has been placed upon us.
Fed up of all the...

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A Message to the New Government

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The nation needs renewables now!
The nation needs renewables now!

As Once-great Britain takes a bow
and we leave the stage of the European Union,
the quintessential issue's the quandary how
we accommodate the suck of an economy consuming 
two thousand million megawatt hours 
of climate wrecking energy by the year
when there's finite reserves of fossil fuel power.
I spurn the allegation ...

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The Visitor


The sinful taste of poisoned lips

I'm drunk on him, immerse me

Deserving of his fingertips

Explore me, show no mercy.


Lustful urges, all consuming

In blackness, I await him

The need is overpowering

Will I sink or will I swim?


In midnight light, he comes to me

With wanton hands he captures

Undresses me with savage glee 

Each touch he breaks and frac...

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I struggle to be – as I see.

Lies become truth-ingrained.

Reality branches snapped from life's tree.

I struggle to be – as I see.

How I long for us all to be free,

though in sentience I'm pained.

I struggle to be – as I see.

Lies become truth-ingrained.

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