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December Collage Poem: Disappointment - Part 2

Crossing over reflections

Mirroring his own life


Life is disappointing; but love is always

beautiful, even across dreary railway tracks

kniving through his childhood


Hair kissed under Homeric stars

Whatever the weather.


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Stockport WOLCollage Poemdecember

December Collage Poem: Disappointment - Part 1

The difference is disappointment

drowning in a child's mouth


Ladies for tea please leave

that tasty last cake for me!


Brought back to life,

but find nothing but silent blackness


A smile, a nod, generosity and warmth

I haven't been disappointed


The Beatles all white album

on a railway platform

summer is in their eyes

too full of chocolate and ins...

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Stockport WOLcollage poem december

October Collage Poem: Déjà vu


Skip to the blue book, where Kerouac

Sounds better than Spanish


Pouring madness into teacups

Weeping daily for the return of summer

Relinquish, forgive, summer


Washed up love on a bed of lies


Impelled by the weird sisters

Into someone else’s destiny

I have got a mental block

Can’t think of the rhyme

So you’ll have to wait til next time


A mi...

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Stockport WOLdeja vuCollage Poem

September 2016 Collage Poem: A Better Place


Andrex from front to back

Thank you, thank you Andrex!


Disordered by lines of deja vu

Press the button and get turned on!


A bitch of eternity, especially

If you are a 'Good Wife'


I like fish and chips washed

Down with some beer

Autumn dreams, sparkling clear


Kissing echoes, blowing words

From a distance, past lives, long exposed,

Zoom into ...

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Stockport WOLCollage PoemBetter place

June WoL Collage Poem: Anger and Peace


You gaze into the viewfinder

Joining cults

Throughout the 19th and 20th centuries


Love escaped through

A hole then took it over

A bridge upon the moon


Rupture, we all, sod it!


The pen swoops and captures.

Laughing anteaters following screaming demons


Bee working to death


Procession of American angels

File across a bridge to the moon


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Stockport WOL

May 2016 Collage Poem


Internal dreams follow you around

with a golden enchantment


No one knows the girl who is all alone

In a pub where no one goes


Witchcraft, murder, death and anger


An accidental queue jumper, that's me!

No one expected doughnut eyes


The eager needle drinks its fill

Leaving pools of shadow across antique eyes

The worst death is self-inflicted


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Collage PoemStockport WOL

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