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Wake up at the normal hours

Every day,

Every morning

Finding oneself drowning in the same routine

Every day,

Every afternoon


Every day,

Every night one dreams of changing the world

Finding a purpose,

Making a difference

One day though

Every dream will come true



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I'm lying awake at 3am

Why am I never intoxicated with positivity? 

Why aren't I a fountain of enthusiasm?

Why can't I see the euphemistic light in this unilluminated darkness?


I'm lying awake at 3am

All of my uncertainties are overwhelming 

The formidable anxiety I've become acclimated with seeps in through open wounds

And yet I've learned to find tranquility in this res...

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3amaloneanxietiesanxietycant sleepcomfortablecontentmentdark nights alonedepressiondreamslifelonelinesslonelylovethoughtsworries

Where is sleep?

Where is sleep?

So many deep in slumber,
So many fast asleep.
But for a few of us,
Dreamland is out of reach.
Focused thinking about gentle waves lapping at the white sand beach,
The picket fence or hedge and fluffy bouncing sheep.
Many visits to the back of eyelids,
Concentrating on slowing how we breathe.
And yet the land of nod, the sand mans dream gift eludes me,
Please oh please j...

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A Daydream on a Deckchair

A daydream on a deckchair

Into a world unknown.

Nothing I remember,

Nothing I know

But a warm zone,

A place to come home.

A whirlwind, a vortex,

A time without a care.

Soft lights and sweetness

Relaxing in a chair,

A daydream on a deckchair.


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