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I had to read your poem

twenty fucking times,

until the sense it didn't make 

was clouded by the rhymes.


I had to read your profile

such puerile utter shit,

it broke my face into a smile

then I could cope with it.


I liked,

I even commented

I sent a pretty flower,

though I regret in now

hour on bloody hour.


I see the leading lights

gather lik...

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grazed kneeshumourtruth

To love

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It cuts deep within,
Its' touch gentle and soft.
It barks and howls,
Its' voice lovely and calm.

Its' thoughts are demeaning,
Its' love unconditional.
Its' presence a weight,
Pride churned in the ridicule.

It beats you to your knees,
But your kneecaps don't agree. 
You stand on your feet,
While the blades stab in deep.

The scars show malformity,
Yet the face shows ever delight.

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