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Judge My Love

She didn't understand what she did
When the first hello was said
Words soft and sweet wanting more
Listening to every word she told
Honest and fun a sweetheart's tale
Giggles to stupid jokes I failed
Becoming depended on her each day
Each moment I think of her
My drug it seems, I'm addicted
Orgasmic pleasures with her miles away
More erotic than I ever imaged
Wanting more than I could h...

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uinkloveLove lost

Waiting for her

A connection between you and me

A lost connection in time i cant find

I cant let go as it comes by

A fortune lost in space

A fortune in her heart and i cant find the keys

with struggle I breathe

A nightmare that never ends

If it comes to an end I fall

we have our separate ways

Just that one piece we need to see

A chance

space is infinity

The emotions I cry with ...

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Love lost

A poem youll never hear

Just another drop love, just another glass.

Just another bottle , im sure that this one will last.

Just another day gone , just another week ,

Its only here and there love, its just to help me sleep.

Its just another month where ive felt a little stressed

And ive needed it to get me by and decide on what is best,

Its just another argument , that I cant remember now ….

I know t...

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Mothersalcohol abuseLove lost

It's not easy

This feeling I can't control, 
I can't name it and I just don't know, 
It's nothing I've felt before,

So I can't just ignore, 
This tragic change inside, 
My stomach hurting and I can't hide, 
From this feeling I might deny, 
Is this all just a lie? 
I can't help but expect the worst, 
And honestly I think I'm cursed, 

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Love lost


I would once again like to awaken with you be my side;

to have the pleasure of gazing into the beauty of your unfathomable soul through your deep dark eyes.

Through every step of it I could sense your warm presence hovering beside me;

smiling at me;

filling my being with everything that you had.

The yearning to be with you was all I could think of.

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Love lost

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