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The time has come.

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The time has came.
Today is the day.
It is here upon us
and there's no going back.

Today we'll celebrate
the class of 2014-2015
as we leave our nest
and as we say goodbye.

And as we walk down that stage
in our green cap and gowns
classmates, friends, families,
and teachers will all be there watching
with joy and tears in their eyes.

And now that this time is here
it is time to ...

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first stepfuturenext chapter of our livestime has come

One Life, three time periods

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The past is the past.
So, learn and build from it.

The present is here, right now.
So, live to the fullest and don't hold back.

The future is ahead of us waiting.
So, whenever that time comes
take ahold of it and don't look back.

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dont look backfuturepastpresent

Faced With Tomorrow

Deep inside my swollen body, she kicks

.A tiny survivor, a fighter, a warrior queen,

So small yet she's ready to take on the universe...

...yet I feel guilt at bringing her into a world so unclean.


She knows not yet that she faces a future

So shaky, so insecure and unknown.

I'll love and protect her with a tigress ferocity,

But I can only do so much, one day she'll be gro...

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environmentfuturenatureunborn child

No Dark Shadows

Time rolls round too fast for me these days,

it feels like a hurricane though once just a breeze

there are days when that is a blessing to be sure, 

when pain dominates and I just want to slam close the door

but then another comes when the sky returns to bright blue

and I get to thinking there is still so much yet to do…  


That's when I get busy and the urgency starts to r...

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For Bob Crow

Poem for Bob Crow (cheers W.H. Auden)

Stop all the docks, cut off the trains, 
Start the mariners striking, be still the cranes, 
Silence the busses and with muffled bullhorn 
Bring out the coffin, let the workers come. 

Let politicians circle, moaning overhead 
confessing on the airwaves, He Is RED, 
Put nooses round the white necks of the bosses, 
Let the riot policemen carry their own crosses. 

He was...

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bestBobComradeCrowfuturegoneinspirationlabourleaderleftlondonpoliticsredrevolution. RMTsolidarityunionworkers

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