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The Secret of Happiness

I was happy and never knew it,

Sad and knew it so well.

Love slipped by but I never noticed,

though love has marked me well.


Winter passed and summer came

yet I was living in the cold.

My love has turned and passed me by

and outside the world grows old.


Happiness is trapped for me

When love had cast its spell

I was happy and never knew it

Sad and knew it ...

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The Love of a Madman

Murderous daggers of madness shoot from his eyes.
Eyes hollow, dark revenge.
Skin blue, his shape shifting.
Turning into a form I know not who.
I search desperately for any hint of the man I thought I knew so well,
Nothing but a slippery cold creature who has no love to give.
Scurrying back into his black hole, to fester with dark satanic demons. 

Howl to the moon
Howl to the sun
Howl t...

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love like a bullet in the face

you are ticking the subscription of a shotgun smile

the restless reminder, the stranger behind you,

twice barrelled quarantine of lush glories

tar fingered around the ringed copper, broken and unworthy,

smoking in the buttoned up knowledge of hereditary tracts,

winter tracks and the plastic penance of a youthful slaver

“x” shan't mark the spot where we shall bury you

a shallow...

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Love At First Sight

entry picture

If you don’t believe in love at first sight
Look at me once more
From another side, on the light.
This you'll surely love and adore.

Larisa Rzhepishevska (Odessa, Ukraine)
February 14th, 2014

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