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Of Lilith and Anthony - front cover preview...

entry picture

Here’s a preview of the front cover for Of Lilith and Anthony.  It’s a collection of narrative poetry, a story of possession and sexual obsession told through verse and photography.

I’ve been posting poems from the collection but soon it will be available on amazon as an e-book to begin with.  Will keep you posted on when this will happen…

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lovelove poetry

The Hierophant's Castle

The Hierophant guards. He guards and feeds from pack of thieves
that are drawn forlorn to his treasures. To rule, to hold, to perfect –
he placates and facilitates pretty carousel that spins flinging their
demons against pillars of law and liberty. A conservative duality of
white knight and coyote - unmoving face of majestic monument that never
falls. He covets the treasure, thieves and carou...

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lovelove poetry

Only For You

Life is precious beyond compare

Even though I no longer see you standing there


What couldn’t I help but miss?

Thoughts abound how it’s come to this


Alone and confused

Feeling mentally abused


The twinkle in your eye

That lit up the sky


The smile across your lips

That warmed me to my finger tips


The look you gave to me

That set my heart free


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Love Has Burned

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Love has blurned. My heart is no longer paining.
Sitting opposite, I am laughing and joking.
- How are you? – he asked.
- I am fine, thank you.

 And how about you?

- I am happy too.
Come on! Let’s drink for our meeting!
- Ok, but just a bit.
- And… Are you married?

- Well, yes. Why not?
- Well, of course. Do you remember? ...
- I do…
- And I remember too.
- Then, it’s okay.
- You’v...

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