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  They are coming with the needle They think they are being kind Sending me back to The jungles of my mind.   There are creatures in the forest, I can feel them closing in Screaming in my mind In a brain jarring din. The fire is burning well Sending out heat and light Keeping at bay  Those creatures of th...

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From Beyond a Dream

The ballet dancers swim outside my doors,
And pluck at scarlet fruits behind my eyes;
They pirouette in seven’s, eight’s and nine’s
Then drown in reddened lakes in twenty-four’s.
Their sodden tutu’s, drink them up through straws
And on their bloated bodies, here, do dine -
They make the most delicious cherry wine
So do not think their death was without cause!

Then from their shelled remains,...

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Just one more time, please

Just one more time, please!!!!!!!
Just one last go of it, then I’ll stop, I promise
I’m saving my last one…. for a 'special person'
I used to do it all the time
Casually in fact
I meet lots of ‘special people’ everyday
Some very deserving of it
I want to give it to them
Give it to them hard
I fantasise about it all the time
Who I’m going to do it to

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