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For Absent Friends

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Somewhere in between,
The waking and the dream,
I can feel you close to me.
Just before times hands,
Reshape the desert sands,
I can feel you reach for me.
In the blink of tear stained eyes,
Watching, weary, to the skies,
I can hear you call to me.
In the breaking of the dawn,
In the dew upon the lawn,

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Traces of you

As I sit upon

This empty bed

White cotton frayed

From nights

That punctuate 

This thin veneer

Of wakefulness

I look for traces of you.

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I Miss You

Hello there,

Angel from my nightmares.

Devil from my dreams

a grey spirit that weaves

its way through my existence.

What a Dementor does to souls

or a Dalek to a human heart.


Even a superhuman heart

can break.


Just ask Logan,

a force so strong

a returning phoenix

could not reignite remnants.


I miss you.

Whatever you ...

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