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Great Warmth of a Curious Heart

Lurking in the natural world
there are sentences, still unspoken
always waiting to be written
frozen in time
waiting for the great warmth 
of a curious heart

Haunting at the edges of the living world
are spirits of the unspoken connectivity in people
dead and alive, the as-yet unborn
caught between planes
waiting for the flashlight beam
of a curious heart

There is an untapped seem ...

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An Unconventional Marriage

Who needs paper to declare what your heart can?

Who needs a ring in place of a loving hand?

Who needs the approval of government or God

when two consenting adults hold the key to true salvation?


Love is the salvation that unlocks our potential,

marriage merely confines it to one form.

But if I were to ever conform,

I would do it for you.


The th...

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They think

I am on the outside

looking in

beguiled by questions - scholarship - intellectualism

erecting barriers against the sleeping spirit.

But I say:

What a strange thought.


I live to learn

and learn to live

with understanding

in the constancy of Spirit:

is … was … and shall be ...

There is no sleeping!

And I wonder why they  peer...

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