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For I will Praise My Father

For I will praise my father

for his giant frame

that once dwarfed me

as an oak tree

dwarfs a flower;

and for his big hands,

sure and strong,

and for the blue

sea secret of his eyes;

and I will praise him again

for the work he did

and the back

he bowed to feed me;

and more for the songs

he never sang,

and those he kept

to kindle


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We Miss You

Dear Jimbo,

On this day you left.

The Earth could no longer handle your grace, for this world can be an ugly place.

We couldn't handle your departure by ourselves. You showed us that we still have each other and that family is more than we were allowing it to be. Some of us will recoil and shrink. We look at them and we think about growth, our own extra terrestrial face as universal being...

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In Times of Trouble














In times of trouble,

they need me.

In times of peace,

they can't stand me.


In times of trouble,

they say, "I love

you Mom."

In times of peace,

they would rather die

than admit this.


In times of trouble,

they come to me

for advice.

In times of peace


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Well, here we are having a great time thinking

of Christmas and times gone past. We’re so happy

having a laugh and some beers.

I liked the meal you made but I hated

what happened next. It all started over some stupid fags.

Accusations are flying around, it isn’t my fault that I know.

If it’s all arguments and bad feelings, I’m off!

You lot...

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