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Anger consumes me

Eats my soul like a cancer

Self inflicted hell

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The Olympics Are Like An Onion. It'll All End In Tears...

Here's the latest post from the blog on my website:

I sometimes fear that I am becoming something of a broken record when it comes to the impending Summer Games. Not only that, but a broken record that had very little to say in the first place like, say, anything Coldplay have ever whined into a microphone. Or an interview with Boris Johnson. Honestly, I will never see the appeal of electin...

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When Only Brain Damage Can Level the Field


Having noticed that most people tend to use their blogs to post poems they are working on, I figured I should play ball for once. So, in between the usual detritus I call writing, here's a poem:


The Dreams started again

Out of nowhere

Driving the familiar way


Catching a glimpse

The back of a head

That makes no sense


I know it’s you, though


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How is Persil like Myra Hindley? Find out here...


Continuing the theme of laziness, here is the most recent post from my blog and it's none too complimentary look at Olympic sponsorship. Woo...

For all the previous posts check out:


Stop Lying You Money Grabbing Pricks

Last time I got inordinately annoyed at the number of ‘momentous’ events taking place in Britain during 2012. I al...

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AngerDow ChemicalLondon 2012Olympics

The Laziest Blogger in the Universe


As I have already got a blog up and running on my website, it seemed ridiculous (and too much like hard work) to write something completely new for this blog. What can I say? I'm just very lazy, and I only have so much rage. Anyway, here's the first post I made back in December 2011 that kicked it all off with a withering look at the previous 24 years of my life.

Enjoy, and feel free ...

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On the Road

Just audio at the moment!

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