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I wasn't dead,

just never alive

Turner Prize

gold medal

all for a dive.


A dyspraxic in a speedboat

as I struggled to swim

in shark infested waters

but I won't let them win.


The rewards of success

for creating a mess

an unmade bed

for an economy's left.


People can study

and some even praise

others are starstruck


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Lack of information is obscene and cronic

Lack of information is obscene and cronic,
Holds you back like the bars of a prison that are socio-economic,
When all you know is what Fiona Bruce told you so
Why would you worry about GMOs from Monsanto?
In schools we're taught no sense of identity,
Like a man running for office, no personality,
Because they know if we had any sense of who we are,
There's no way in hell we'd let ...

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This Current Economic Climate

This Current Economic Climate

The unknown

The feared

The fear

Grows when allowed


This society

Burrowing its venem


Deep, deep

Those that can’t pay don’t

And the bill becomes larger and larger

And their pockets become smaller and smaller

Then their houses get tinier

Then they lose them

And their sleeping blankets have no zip...

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All things considered

It’s easy to become that which you preach

If you practice enough to believe it.


When wealth became your new religion

I longed for the time a lesser God

materially affected you.  Like Michael Foot


at least Jesus was a socialist.


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