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Passengers must not cross the line

Written coming into Stourbridge Junction 29th May 2012


Passengers must not cross the line

An epitaph for a lingering death of times occasionally sublime,

Travellers lovers and would be friends

Attempting to wander over fertile ground

Once so profound

Passengers must not cross the line.


By car, by train, by plain, by boat, adventurers in love.

In time,...

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Little bohemia in Warwick


Remember these times

He urged me earnestly

Does he know that

I lived a dream in one afternoon?

Everything I ever desired

And hoped for came together

In one climatic peace


The empty bottles stand proud

Brimming with translucent love

Wisps of heavenly smoke

dance and tease the air

that surrounds us

Unable to write

I live


© ...

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We Miss You

entry picture

Dear Jimbo,

On this day you left.

The Earth could no longer handle your grace, for this world can be an ugly place.

We couldn't handle your departure by ourselves. You showed us that we still have each other and that family is more than we were allowing it to be. Some of us will recoil and shrink. We look at them and we think about growth, our own extra terrestrial face as universal...

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Extra Hot, Extra Wet, Extra Shot

entry picture


If only I could capture

the essence of you

Changeable and variable

bitter and sweet

your love's fresh aroma

makes my heart beat


and if I peer down

I can see through

the froth on top

extra hot, extra wet, extra shot

and there you are

all wonderfully mixed up

within my coffee cup




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hatton lockslove

Too Bad the World Doesn't Revolve Around Me?

So...What is it today ?

Who's next?

Will you accept me or reject me?

Nobody truly wants me for the form of existence that I am

I know I am not perfect

I have feelings

How does one live without these things?

Is it wrong for me to want what I cannot have?

I am only human

I am probably so human that I allow my own vulnerabilities transform me into an abomination


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First Night

First Night


A messy room

Two messy heads

“Will you marry me?”

He quietly said


A shadowed celebration

assured but never taken

shrouded and unknown

the beautiful unshown


© Katy Hughes 2012




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forbidden loveloveproposalsecretwedding





I fly through the mountain valley chasing my own shadow

at five hundred miles an hour, on a knife edge

turn I fly around a rock outcrop, g-force crushing me down.

A feeling of being alive lasts forever as time stands still

in a microsecond, for I am on a wing and a prayer,

flying for freedom in a stolen fighter plane.

I have no guns or missiles to...

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a dreamflyidealismlovestolen planeunarmed

Echo (aka In response to the infamous You Tube performance)

Do you realise what will be will always be

And do you realise what will never be the same

And do you realise what we were put here for

For some to give the glory

And others give the pain


I once had a friend

But I wanted more than friendship

Wanted more than he could give

I once had a love

though I wanted more than loving

Wanted more than just to liv...

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