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Some people try

to force a

smile from me,

but it's futile.


Sometimes they figure

out somethings wrong,

sometimes not.


Some actually get

angry because I

don't just

"Snap out of it."


So I pretend

everything's OK.

But I'm secretly

crumbling deep inside.



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Tea Party

Dark dank down hole, Alice whole?
Cup of tea floating by on a tray, it was gray.
It was cold, it was cracked, chipped, mouldy and old
Is it me? Can you see?

A rabbit was here once you know
why was he in such a hurry to go?

Falling fast falling past did I become present?
There's No bows, there's no tags, just plain damp dark rags
Shrew mouse tumbling tears she's undone
unraveling a...

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