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We have to think

about where to put

our hands.


They fumble under tables,

or rest very casually on

the table, courageously spread

across the middle as if to show

just how normal you

want it to feel.


The tea is greasy,

and you concentrate

on stroking the condensation

from your glass 

of orange juice.


The cur...

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White Band

I wear it on my arm as a symbol of our love,
I admired it and you gave away a part of you to me.
Your style, your flair, your elegance
bounces against veins pumping blood to my metaphorical heart, always.

A symbol of healing, of patching things up...
a bandaid of the heart, the soul...
...of us.

I will be your white band,
I will soak away all that pain, that hurt, that angu...

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True Love Starts...

entry picture


True Love starts with an open heart,
and then becomes a wish to never part...
True love starts with an open  mind,
and grows with every action kind...
True love starts with a gentle touch,
and blossoms with each kiss and such...
True love takes over all our dreams,
and makes us think up wondrous schemes...
True love powers us through...

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On the barren northern moors

lies a dark lonely tower.

No one ever goes there,

not a bird sings or a rabbit jumps.

This is the place of loneliness

and of despair and foreboding.


The sky is a leaden grey and

the wind howls around the tower.

Long lost souls cry for release.

Some may be your friends of long ago

or some lo...

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Those days we wished

We hadn’t woken up,

Propped up with pillows

Perhaps, with our legs

Curled around the covers.

Arms folded appropriately

Around ourselves, holding

Chests in, pulling the guts

Spilling across the bed

Back into ourselves.

We talk then don’t talk,

And a quiet shudder or two

In the gutter was the onl...

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Just for now

entry picture

Exchanging blissful affection,


eyes searching ambers tawny depths.


This is whim V perhaps,


as kisses lightly sweep over


teasing a delicate surface.


Laughter sits comfortably


between sunny days


that just for now


seeks no permanence.

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It's Been a Long Time - Gatecrash



It's been a long time since I posted. I'll start how I mean to go on...




We were the dance

Of mannequin square,

Trapped in the hush

Of a closed hand.


And the soft tap-tap

Was all it took; four

Fingertips on a soft palm,

Clapping like castanets.


And the glass drips hang,

Gasping at the candles


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Our Blanket beneath The Stars


Come crawl into my mind tonight,
invade my dreamscape with your scent,
bring some candles and some sweet warm oils
and cool, cool drinks for when we're spent.
We'll take a path through deepest woods
and spread our blanket beneath the stars
that twinkle gently as the canopy sways,
and contemplate how love moves up on Mars.
In our dreams we'll sha...

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