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What is Life Indeed!

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Ujjal Mandal, India

Rose is sweet when it smells
And it lingers until it veils.

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real life

The Overland Launch

The Overland Launch:

In the land of Coleridge and his Ancient Mariner,

    In a time of coal fires, wooden boats and horsepower,

There is a story of the Lynmouth Lifeboat Louisa

    And the night horse and man over 13 miles pulled her.


Two of the afternoon clock struck a chime,

    On January 12th, 1899.

The wind howled and the sea it roared,

    Flooding ports and rai...

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dramahistoryreal life

Her Name Is E...

A day without E is better off Breathless,

May my soul escape if my stream is empty.


Seek and find the girl named E,

packed with love she doesn't discriminate,

Her race is spectrum body tailored to your preference.


Undergo E she'll turn the toughest man empathetic.

Open your eyes wide as the sky,

Her love brings out a high unreal,

to experience one must be willing ...

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addictaddictiondeepDrugslovepassionpassionatepoemreal lifereflections


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Its hard to be happy

Hard to be me

Finding out who I am is impossible to the pressure of smarts and immortality

"we live forever" a lie told by us TO US

The bullshit we pull just to feel less depressed and lost within

How do you feel?

Being told your gonna die?

Does it hurt?

We are young

Not yet strong in…




Or Money

We are ...

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beautyboundariesreal lifesacredYoung People

How do you know?

How do you know if time is being wasted?

Drifting so far away from the honesty that the honesty becomes a lie,

How do you know if it's what's meant to be, if im with you and he's not with me?

They say time you enjoy wasting, isn't wasted time,

But does that apply when you've got your enjoyment, and I've lost mine?


How do you know what's meant to be?

I'm with you, and he's no...

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confusionhappinessknowledgelovereal lifetimeuncertainty


I thought that you cared,
that you cared more than a friend.
Now when I see you you're all over him,
now I'm letting the darkness in.

I remember when you were all over me,
I sang you lullabies to help you sleep.
You held my hand when I felt down,
held me in your arms to pull me up.

We were editing our little story,
you put your pen down and I start to worry.
You scrumbled your paper ...

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love poemsloversreal lifeunrequitedunrequited love

I Don't Even Know

I don't know.. my life seems out of my control... It's no longer mine it's in the hands of those around me and the governing forces that keep me in line.. I just don't know.. it feels so weird to be sober.... So... Weird... Its not normal for me to fall asleep in a natural way. It almost feels unnatural.. my addiction has become the ruling figure in my life not my emotions,love or financial stabil...

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addictioninternal strugglereal life

What It's Like Looking into the Eyes of Someone who Doesn't love You Back

for you to literally sit in front of a motherfucker and to have blood on you and to be shaking so bad and tears streaming down your face and snot coming out of your nose and spit running out of your mouth with bruises still on your legs and arms from your last encounter and the person you are sitting in front of still not give a damn and still somehow make an excuse for leaving you as though it's ...

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broken heartgage 2016lovelove that is not mutualpainreal life


My something is nothing, as something is nothing when measured against the grand scheme of things,
A massive reward, the highest achievement, no more something than a spec in the wind

A name to a prize, a face to a name, a name prize and face that were nothing the same, these nothings are nothing, but something to something, and therefore the nothing has value again

My nothing is something, as ...

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Egoreal lifeworth

Diseased Brain

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{Diseased Brain}


Some day's I wish my brain worked like other's brain's did of being normal but since I was born this way I can't help it when my thinking or writing gets messed up with backwards word's or being out of place but I do fix them if I catch them 



But if I could help it I would but sometimes I have no control over that and it's like chiari takes over my train of th...

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awareness 4 chiarichiari poemschiari poetrychronic diseaseschronic illnessesconqueringcure chiaricure melifelivingpoemspoetryreal lifestories

Cure a wound another could

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The desire to wholly
Posses you
Was so great
Bitter and harrowing
Was the feeling,unfaithful
To memory's dustbin
You relegate.

At a loss how
My problem to solve
Crying out my heart
By a serene cathedral door
Myself to absolve
God blew on my way a dove!

With a tap
On the shoulder
A sympathetic
And cute girl
On par with
My ex-lover
If not better
"Believe me
There will come
A ti...

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Curelovereal life

Better for my soul

Days have gone till I've felt something strange,
would I feel like that again?
Will my life be with the sweetness I haven't known yet?
One can do so much,
one can feel too much.
I admit I ache for something,
something unknown.
One thing is for certain,
I might feel it again.
Might not be the same, 
maybe more...
Better of this ache,
better for my soul.



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lovenewsreal liferomance

Song of the Sky

Whispers adorn the sky

Chilling winds and dying, breathy voices

The road is a blackboard

With essays of footprints written upon it

The air is still

As are the trees

But the sky is not

The sky talks mindlessly to someone

It murmurs and mutters

Supported by the Earth

Pressured by Space

The sky is home to the brain of a flower

The flower is red

Some say the colo...

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flowermetaphoricalreal lifeskythe sky

To The Addicts Of The World

To The Addicts Of The World

Cunning baffling and powerful are the words used to describe,
The truth of what addiction is, it will take your life with a knife.
Everything you thought you were becomes lost,
All that you cherish and love, gone at what cost?

Millions of people struggle everyday and it's truly tough,
Knowing that one is too many and a thousand never enough.
Pot, heroin, me...

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addictionbrokendepressiondrugshopelessnesslostreal life

Repeated story

I got used to you,
now time doesn't go by without you.
I got used to you,
that I cannot even smile when you're not around.
I got used to you using,
there's no point in whining now yet I still do it.
Can't believe what I did for you,
was I just a toy?
At least you had fun,
you had a blast,
while I slowly think of every word you said.
It hurts me to see you go,
but it hurts more when you...

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poempoetryreal life

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Tongue and Cheek

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It has taken ahold of me once more.

Basking and marinating;

my life is in limbo.

At a halt,

with a glance,

Hope arises,

and then just as quickly sets as the sun.

Moments are cherished 

but then despised with a gun.

Feeling the chambers loaded with each shell,

the thought it so real, 

so quick,

so painless.

So easy.

But where does that leave us?

Going fo...

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beautifulfreefreedomgunlet golosslovereal lifespiritspiritualitysuicide

Security I Guess

Help me oh please help me

I havent lost my mind

But tell me oh please tell me

Why it is so hard to find,

I havent fallen off the truck

It crushed another man,

I know the training perfectly

But never met the sand.


A lonely man you'd call me

But you are to blind to see,

Im married to a wealthy wife

Who's tied me to a tree,

The branches shake above me

And t...

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hopemiseryreal lifesecurity

June Solstice

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The longest day of the year
in the Northern hemisphere.
The most Sun we experience.
For those seeking abundance
it’s a magical time – astrology says.
It has glorious beams and seeds
that you planted in spring
ripen and sweet fruit bring.
And here is a practical advice
that can’t be bought for any price.
Spend time in reflection and meditation
to understand the real world’s creation.
Listen and...

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naturereal lifesun

Day In/Day Out

The time of labor start once one clocks in

as the money is important for survival.

Better to have it than being flat broke.

Despite what those on the outside peeping in may say,

this man right here isn't flipping patties for nothing.

For he longs to return to his life back home,

which ran smooth like molasses

then snapped in half like a pair of glasses.

As the infallible re...

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motivationpoetryreal liferedemption

Why do I push you away,
when my feelings are so true,
Why do I turn my back,
When all I want to say is I love you?
You make me confused,
I swear I've lost my mind,
When I think of you,
my feelings can't be defined
If i could just say,
my heart beats only for you,
what would you say,
would you say you love me too?
I see that smile on your face,
and it forces o...

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braverychancesFatereal lifeteen romance

Words of Darkness and Light (2nd edition)

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In 2012 I self-published my first collection of poems Words of Darkness and Light.

On Sept 15th 2014 Words of Darkness and Light was published as a revised/edited 2nd edition by Thynks Publications (40 revised/edited poems from original collection plus 8 new poems)   http://www.thynkspublications.co.uk/

Amazon: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/offer-listing/1900410761/ref=dp_olp_new_mbc?ie=UTF8&co...

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collectionpoetrypoetry publicationsreal life

Our Life is Short

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It seems you forgot:
Our life is short.
There is no time to beg or…
Extort for support.
Learn how to live yourself.
Take a book from the shelf 
And…delicately leafing page after page
You will find a wood sage:
People are like books,
With different outlooks.
Some of them are good,
Some of them are bad,
Some of them are just mad,
Some of them are not sassy,
They lo...

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real life

No Guarantee

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In life there is no
guarantee of anything.

There is no guarantee of happiness.
There is no guarantee that we won't feel hurt.
There is no guarantee that there won't
be any struggles along the way.
There is no guarantee that anything will be easy.
There is no such thing as a guarantee.

Life is something
that we cannot truly understand.
Because, no matter how many times
we ask and searc...

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no gauranteereal lifeunderstand


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My eyesight’s going

My nasal hair is growing

And my hair now looks so grey


My knees are creaking

My elbow joints are squeaking

And my voice won’t work today


As I sit down on the tiles

It’s not good for my piles

And I start to really feel my age today


My back it sometimes aches

My favourite meal is now Corn Flakes

No one cares about what I might have ...

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ageinggrowing olderlonelinessreal life

The Greatest Flame

You always said you worried
for the ones you'd leave behind
and what they had to go through
as they watched your health decline

I never fully understood
how you found the strength to fight
never once self pitying
though you had every right.

Never once did you complain
or state life was unfair
rejecting help because you felt
it better served elsewhere 

the tears you shed wer...

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cancerlossPoemreal liferemembrancerhyme

Inhumane Treatment for the Sake of Existence

If you were a dog
we'd have put you sleep
before the loss of memory
and dragging of feet
before the confusion
and constant frustration
haunted with the knowledge
your life would be taken.

The jumbled speech
and declining sight
the fears that kept 
you up at night
the lack of food
going into your system
the morphine drip
and doctors inspections.

The saddened look
tired with...

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cancerdebateeuthenasiaexistencePoemreal liferhyme

Picture of Health

I found a picture of you today
it rocked me to the core
showing you smiling, full of life
before your cancer war

it broke my heart to see it though
and made me question why
the ones who mean the most to us
are taken before their time?

Filled with so much more to give
oh how you spread your love
always there for anyone
and never one to judge

you taught me vital lessons, which

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CancerGrievingLossPoemreal liferhyme

Uncomfortably unable to be numb

One more day I wanted

from the moment that you passed

one more conversation

to hear you talk and laugh

a year gone by already

and the void you left remains

this loneliness unbearable 

can't shift this fucking pain.


I tried to drink and smoke myself 

into an early grave

momentary respite from grieving

I still crave

but nothing numbs the feeling

of a paren...

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awarenesscancergriefGrievingPoemreal liferhymerhythym

Traffic Jam

I sat in lines

At biting point

Biting my lip

Then gave it up

Put my lip balm

And the hand brake on.


Staring out I

Swam away

From all-combusting

Fits of flames

I, treading thoughts

'Til the tide changed.


Then snorting fumes

I blew away

Flew queue jumps

Flipped bird parades

'Til stung by horns

I thudded down


And sauntered on

To ...

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The first or the last ...?

The first or the last,
Slow or fast …?
Does it really matter,
If you are thin or fatter,
A fool or so clever
Or never was a rot,
But love had a lot?
Will anyone care
If this case's rare?
Will anyone cry
If you live or die?
It happens often
When you are in a coffin
They say sweet words.
Now nothing hurts.
You don’t hear,
Though they are near.
You can’t speak,
You can’t throw a brick,
You can’t send ...

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real life

Running and Running

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Running and Running


I’m running and running and running

Out of life

Soon to hit 50 not the 4 minute mile

Never got that cosy family

Simple routine

I chose to hit the bend legless

And run past anyone I loved



Running and running and running

Away from life

Words leapt up as saviours

Not my two wives

I chose to take the baton from

Strangers I saw s...

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real life

Irregular Apocalypse

“Got 10p for a cup of tea?”

“If you show us where you can get one for that price,

I'll give you a quid”

He never did...


Irregular Apocalypse.

Lonely and irksome.

The bitter glow of jaundice

tears at society's rustic chains,

one tragedy at a time.


The Freemasons took my children,

they took my baby.”

Now she's hopping magic buses,


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Broken BritainConspiracyCrazyCrazy Bus LadyEnglandFreemasonsHeroinHeroin AddictHeroin AddictionManchesterMental IllnessMentally IllMisunderstoodNaPoWriMoReal LifeSmackSmack AddictTragedyUKUnited Kingdom

Close calls and near misses

Close calls and near misses,

Is it really worth it for drunken kisses?

No, that’s just letting off steam, like when a kettle hisses, 

It’s the soul kisses that leave your brain in eclipses.


Remaniises, of what was once tender, 

Maybe it’s better to be drunk, so your mind doesn’t render

This kiss important, gets scrambled in the mental blender

So you can lie abo...

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kissesreal liferhyme

This is the start

This is the start,

Though it feels like the end.


Moved away from falls from graces and friends.


A mixture,

Of social and sexual depravity,

Driving Me.

I need to find a way to overcome a force 5 times gravity.


In this state,

It's easy to fall into past mistakes.

Like Peruvian towns,

Rebuilt on the sites of earthquakes.


Got ...

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real liferebirth

Dreams Are Forgotten

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                                            Dreams are forgotten,

                                            They can be rotten.


                                            Pain ceases,

                                            Except soul diseases.                                          



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real life

How Many And How Few

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How many men with whom you just can talk.

How few of men with whom you cherish silence

And go for the longest walk

To feel the natures fragrance.


How many men with whom it could be better to keep silence

So that do not spill the beans when you are in grief.

How few of men which could be a reliance

And do not steal your credit as a thief.


With wh...

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real life

Let's Live! Let's Love!


Let’s live, let’s love and even wonder!

Let’s cry, let’s laugh and trust!

Let’s hope for the best and even blunder,

Forgive, believe and do be just!


Let’s just admire fields, the sky and dew!

And if it’s hard do not give up but fight!

Go ahead, tomorrow you’ll all renew,

Without fright as truth is always right.


Let’s be honest when communicating...

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real life

Life in Couplets

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While youth at full speed heads toward its peak,

I fear I fail to march all days each week,

For youth is spent, is gone, is done for me,

The ashes of the breaks are mine for free.


Good health of teeth and gums has deserted,

A crowd of fillings have been inserted,

My simple path through hair is more, I fear,

A motorway that runs from ear to ear.


Sight ...

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real life

That Cannot Be!

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(this chorus after every verse)

Oh fare-de well my fairest youth,

Oh fare-de well to thee,

I was once a strapping lad

But now that cannot be.


In youth I was both strong and bright,

The world centred on me,

With bulging muscles fit to fight,

I sent myself to sea.


We left the dock to hailing seas,

With the crew puking on deck,

They should ha...

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real life

Control Food

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Control Food

I don’t know when it started
When food became an issue
I remember how life was
I was diagnosed as dyslexic
After my Mum sent me for a private test
Although the School didn’t want to accept it
They didn’t want to help
Budget issues, staffing and resources
Excuses, excuses, excuses
My Mum fought their disbelief
Craving the help and guidance I needed
I heard ju...

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You only feel lonely when you’re in a crowd
Say you need peace and quiet then turn the music up loud
Only feel let down when you’re being held up
Say you’re okay, and then almost erupt
Only feel my presence when I’m far away
Only say go, when you want me to stay.

You speak words of wisdom and act like a fool
Set high standards for others, then break every rule

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New X (30 years after the tragic fire)

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On the 18th of January 1981, 13 young people died in a fire in New Cross, South East London (a fourteenth committed suicide after losing so many friends). Just shy of thirty years on, these are the contemporary reflections of a man who was a seven year old boy at the time. Widely thought to have been a racially motivated attack, more recent advances in forensic technology have suggested o...

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When I Was Going Home

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When I was going home


  the darkness was around,


  nobody on the street,.


  I saw an old woman,


  she was a dandelion like,.


  she rummaged in the refuse bins


  which were all alike.


  She was the one who's got her pension


  "in the proportion with her job".


  I wouldn't like here to mention



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real life

My life experience

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The more I live the more I am surprised.

There are still a lot of things to be realized.


The life flows like a river on the land,

The more I know the less I understand.


The more I give the less I get,

But my life style is: Never regret!


The time flies, it will never come back,

But the hopes still live with no lack.


Some people say: T...

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real life



tweet tweet not twitter


dance of death 


ashes to ashes

the fire flames


I rise I rise.

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lifereal life

Artist Talking-To Artist

Artist talking to artist

 As Light to Light
No outsiders hearing
What viewers have in sight.
The colours of the paintings
Reflects the artists thoughts
Though the onlookers never know
The artist’s. Mind.
Artist talking to Artist
Like words from a book
Pictures revealing
Their outlook
One slash here, a line there
A rounded curve
A mountain
A landscape.  A portrait
Of dots connecting dots
As ...

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flowinglovenurturen artistsrealreal life

Going Home




Cars bumper to bumper


Trucks, buses, coaches


Engine noises,



People walking

Cell phones to ears

Hand in hand

Close together,



Women chatting

Buddies hugging

The traffic moves

Relief – freedom

Like a dam burst


All travelling

Going in the same direction.


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