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Battle of Demon's Run

emons run

and heroes fight.


Doctor Doctor,

Red Bull and happy pills...

yet still no wings to take flight.

I'm in a state of spiritual paralysis

dripping out fears in emotional dialysis.


Demons run

and heroes fight.


Take it back to the start as you tear me apart

memories piercing the fabric of my existence.


Demons run


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'The art of being Lonely'

'The Art of Being Lonely'

Loneliness is Ugly...

Loneliness is a world full of people
Yet still being alone
Loneliness is a room full of people
But never could be further away

Loneliness is finding it hard to say
“I am lonely”
Loneliness is not to be shared
Loneliness is the sharing of it...
But to still be lonely

Loneliness is in an over populated world

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God's waiting room

He spoke assuredly,
Like he was God almighty,

His urged prescription was;


Confusion momentarily reigned,
Until a ‘Wet Paint’ sign was seen.

With all the cut-backs;
It was easy to mistake
this porter for the hospital consultant.

Odd though, that a porter
should speak in such a way.

His prescription
unknown would have been the perfect counse...

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The Rant Of A Mind Deserted

I am mechanically living,

I am life's puppet on a string,

I am a dandelion among orchids,

I am surrounded by beautiful people with ugly truths,

I can't bear it

I am lost in such a familiar place and it's written all over my face

My reactions have become charracateur,

I want to disappear somewhere,

I want to hide,I have been trying to confide

Cuccooning myself...

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Daniel (pschosis at 16)

These pieces of me can't interact,

they are cracked

into shards

splitting like glass.

My mind is breaking up into pieces,I am literally cracking up

while the stress is mounting

my heart is exploding like a fountain.

I am deluded my mind can't cope with explanations

haystacks without needles.

What am I but despair incarnate?

the clothes I wear the only rem...

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