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Hour snow

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Blanc flakes nestle honestly outside,

Crisp winds slap almost lovingly,

Heavenly scenery melting suddenly,

All is as it was once before.

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Winter, Blinded

Woke to the 
kiss of winter's ache and the
thud double dip and dance
of some kind of animal outside.
A fire burning somewhere. 

To you, the blind lady,
winter was just a series
of sensations –
the scratch of a naked branch,
the rain (only colder).

The utter embrace of silence.



This was for a contest on deviantART in which contestants were challenged to describe winter,...

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Chains or The Lost Cadence of a Victorian Carol

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High up a shuttered window is flung open.
A ‘Splutch’ of snowmelt tumbles wetly to the ground.
I look up and the stick figure scratches madly against the cold clear sky.
He pumps out salvation from every angle,
A body that had long ago forgotten joy,
Now twitches with rivulets of unabashed wonder.
Hope blazes out of his parchment skin,
Friendship beams out of his gimlet...

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Hello and welcome to my second blog. I have a new poem for you this time which was inspired by something I saw on my way home from work recently. Winter nights bring much inspiration when the SAD let's up.




Silver coils glisten against blackened winter night

Penetrating granite fortress walls

A juxtaposition of time and craft

Sparkling with the intensi...

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Jack Frost silvering the grass,

Crunching underfoot like glass,

Adding to a rider's woes,

Freezing fingers, numbing toes.


Steaming horses tread with care,

Warm breath misting in the air;

In line across a windswept hill

Where their master waits until -


In the gloom they surge and fade,

Strengths and weaknesses displayed,

Ghosts beneath a leade...

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