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One more chances

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Endless relentless tormenting arguments,

Shut that slut mouth love,

Abusive corrosive explosive darling,

Music to my hairy ears.

Downed the stella quick flash,

Backhand backlash reflex,

                    Not right,

I forgive, daily.

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She is

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When I look at the sky,

Is she looking too.

When I weep alone,

Is she weeping too.

She grows in beauty every day,

But I am growing too.

She grows in my heart every day,

I miss you.

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It's the most wonderful time of the year

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The sickening glistening lights,

Of winter and christmas time,

Shove a stick in my eye,

And sing carols as I take my life.

Christmas is over and I’m the loner,

Sitting home alone drinking corona,

Streets are silent like my mobile phone,

Put my face to the pillow as I go prone.

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We have to think

about where to put

our hands.


They fumble under tables,

or rest very casually on

the table, courageously spread

across the middle as if to show

just how normal you

want it to feel.


The tea is greasy,

and you concentrate

on stroking the condensation

from your glass 

of orange juice.


The cur...

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A Sad Clown

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I am tired to pretend that

All is well on my land.

My heart is aching,

The last hope is breaking.


I am tired to hear the truth.

I loved you, it was forsooth.

I hate to hear the lies,

Try to find a compromise.


Only memories are in my treasury.

Thinking of you is my pleasury.

You were chasing for a fire-bird,

I memorized the words I’ve...

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A Lovely Nightmare


Memories still haunt you in dreams

the worst ones aren't violent nor perverse.

The worst dreams are the ones you wish came true

they haunt you with De Ja Vu

subconscious samurai,

donning swords and Fu Manchu.


Kreuger retreated, he knew he met his match

because love is the most infectious illness one can catch.

It starts with a thought, a flicker, a mo...

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The edges of sadness

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Hope is ...

Carried away on ocean tides.

Treacherous waters,

surround the lighthouse.

Sometimes wounds bleed a darker red,

staining blurred snippets of memory,

from impoverished depths.


Bubbles rise to the surface

pouring out bottled tears.

Rotating light shines,

illuminating the edges of sadness.

Waiting to rescue lost souls

and abandoned ...

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