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A Swan-Song

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Hush! Grey haired love has come.

No need to drum.

Rush! It turns into a poem,

with much of wisdom.

Taste! It’s not a lime.

Don’t waste your time!

Sweep! The feelings are so deep,

they are in words, in dreams, in eyes…,

they are looking for a paradise.

Take! But…those feelings have no brakes,

they are not calm like lakes,

they are the highest wav...

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love poems

Broken Dreams

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It was unexpected,
that morning when you left.
The sun shone strongly
through the pane,
my pain shattering the silence
of the emptiness you dropped me in,
A morning moon still in
the sky would not let me rest
from the ignorance
of last night,
false bliss, false peace
as you slept and lied your love upon
my breast.

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