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Love doesn't know any taboo


Love doesn’t know any taboo,

but sometimes it doesn’t know what to do.

Sometimes it cries, sometimes it lies,

sometimes it looks like  a sly,

sometimes it shouts “Hurray”

and it ruins everything on it’s way.

Love can be crazy, love can be lazy,

it can be like an angel

and it can shine like a purl.

It can turn everything upside down,

it can change ev...

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I Was the Reluctant Lover


I was the reluctant lover
She was a Goddess divine
I was not as brave as a man should be
And so her heart was never mine

Oh, am I the fool of legend
Am I the only one
Who loved and lost as I never tossed
My hat in the ring till the girl was gone?

And as I look at the picture
Her face...

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I love you


My heart feels your mood,

you are understood,

my heart feels every sigh of yours,

of course, I am just a moment in your life,

but… you can cut it with your knife.

Perhaps, I will never touch your skin,

but… I know what you mean.

Perhaps, I will never know

if your love would grow.

Perhaps we shall never feel

the warmth of our hands,

perhaps we ...

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Just close your eyes...

Just close your eyes

And listen to your inner voice

Stretch out your hand

So that to understand

You are a happy man

Who loves a woman.

It's just a paradise to realize

That you are loved.

It's a real paradise

Where her eyes are

Like the sparkling stars,

Where her arms are

Like the swan wings

Where her lips are

Like the rose-pe...

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The power of love

The centuries and years

The days are passing by,

The peoples leave and nations,

The customs change and fashions

But only one thing is forever

And it's the power of love.

Let years become of the past!

Love power is great and will last!

It goes together with me

And it will fly over the sea,

Over the mountains and oceans,

And with the devotion...

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Homo World

What if homosexuality was the norm, not hetero-? A straight's 'coming out': Homo World, 



Homo World

Heterosexuality was unheard of in our town
the thing of New York, London, Manchester’s Mecca
on TV, in pamphlets
relegated to short stories
and Vaseline-smeared-porn. 
Rock Stars and Pop Stars
not everyone. Not us. 
Not in our town. 


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Love me as I am

It's so simple to love for something,

It's so hard to love for everything.

But please, try!

Try to love when I am nervous,

Try to love when I am capricious,

Try to love when I feel sad or bad,

Try to love when my smiles are out of place.

Or may be you think it's a big disgrace?

Try to love me when my glance is sometimes aside,

When I am not always ri...

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What is love?

What is love?

It's impossible to explain.

What is love?

I think this question will remain.

What is love?

We ask one another.

What is love?

A little child asked his mother.

It's so simple and hard to understand.

It can be so different.

You can't here pretend.

It can be so sweet

With tender meetings.

It can be bitter

With tears...

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One for performing mainly, but I think it stands up alone.  Part of a series.


It’s Pokémon, pimples and boils.

Being a teenager—including the sores.
It’s Spiderman, Daredevil, Rudolph and GORE
the colour of darkness when your head hits the floor.

It’s nostalgia: 
ell-ee-dees and infra-red receptors on TVs.
It’s blame and physics watching stars burn
it’s the colour o...

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