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Hungry bells

Hungry bells

Thursday,24th June 2021


We feel sore

when fail to explore!

what is in store!

we seek then more


why mind aches?

when fails to reach

some points

and joins the sad race


the stomach revolts

when not filling the hungry bolts

it cracks and develops a headache 

and desperately tries to have some catch


mind and stomach

long for ...

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Life-Unending process

Life - unending process

Thursday,24th June 2021

Life has an unending process

you are provided with an access

it remains the question as to

how you lived the life!

life has three relevant stages

and each one of us is let to be manged

by doing so, you come across

gain, loss, success or failure

your existence is linked to past

you might have moved with super fast spee...

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Life past & now

Life past and now

Wednesday,23rd June 2021


The woes might have been many

the hurdles might have come over already

the body and mind is now tuned

the later changes are welcomed


old eyes have gone through many changes

and managed well

adopted in life like a steady and calm water

with nothing to regret here


it was your own world

that you carved

you m...

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Poetry spirit

Poetry spirit

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

4:54 PM


Long live

the spirit of poetry and believe

that it has the power

to shower upon troubled souls


let the poets

not remain quiet

and put

the views across, but


let it not be confined to be the theoretical 

let it not remain a realistic concept

let it go a long way

and pave the way for the thrust


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Black rose


Black rose

Wednesday,23rd June 2021


Feel not

and get caught

between life and uncertainty

be blessed by an almighty


if he has deserted

and not consented

to your holy alliance

wait for no more compliance


you were simple black rose

and chose

to be fragrant

with a resolve to present


if one fails to smell

and speak well


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Soul to soul

Soul to soul

Saturday,19th June 2021


Soul to soul

no call is needed

the conscious call is always heeded

fragrance shall automatically be added


you have found soul sisters

but bo others

you shall find them too

if search through


a friend can be your soulmate

to whom you can relate

and get close

to choose


it is hard

to exchange words


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Life has an art

Life has an art

Saturday, June 18, 2021


Life has an art

Art has a good start

when one thinks to be a part

for doing good to others and offer cooperation


Life means some purpose

when he chooses

and underlines the importance

and concentrates at once


Life is pulling a cart

with the responsibilities at the start

along with the setting up of moral stan...

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Silent flow-poetry

Silent flow-Poetry

Saturday,19th June 2021


Darkness or brightness

it doesn't stop access

to the poetry kingdom

so get ready to use it with wisdom


poetry is a silent flow

and grows in dimension 

with the words open

to all the people even


poetry has a sacred element

and it has blessings to present

with the memorable events

to be interwoven and se...

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Love for

 My love for

Thursday,17th June 2021


My love is meant for only those

who chose!

to be my special one

attached to no condition


love, as I have understood

and take it as for the good

love has no special favour

but has a different flavour


love is given

excuses are forgiven

it is not taken

for granted even


I offer

even if have to suffer


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fatherly gesture

 Fatherly gesture

Thursday,17th June 2021



I could have taken over the helm of affairs

and acted fairly

apart from giving a fatherly embrace

and always tried to give you a smile on the face


I played both the roles

as mother and father to respond in time's call

never bothered about health's fall

but always attempted to scale the wall


I knew" i...

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Visionary character-Poet


Poet - Visionary character

Wednesday,16th June 2021


To be a dreamer

it is a tribute to the creator

but to be a Poet

you need to be visionary but not remain quiet


dreamer has no place

to remain in the race

and serve the humankind

he needs to find a way and means


need not be an extraordinary

but yes, affectionate and visionary

who thinks more o...

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Know about love

Know about love

Wednesday,16th June 2021



I know nothing about Love

but I definitely believe

there is something like

and strikes with force from somewhere


I don't know its language

but can manage

the read through eyes

that tries to make me crazy


what name should I give?

and forgive

my inner conscience

not to feel tense


love has...

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Look beautiful

Look beautiful

Wednesday,16th June 2021


If bleaching was the remedy

the colour might have been decided by an almighty

it might have added the beauty

but it doesn't pay handsomely


the white women might have not gone to the beauty shop

to look top most beautiful

to earn praises from the other women

and feel above humans


apart from looking good

its mean...

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Woman- rare gesture

 Woman- Rare gesture

Friday,11th June 2021


My gesture

rarest of rare

but you dare

I shall not stare


I am a woman

and also a human

different by nature

but also a mother


I present

the beautiful scent

the fragrance of a flower

a beautiful child of nature


you can see

in me

the whole of the world

and pleasure untold


take me ...

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Fight the situation

Fight the situation

Friday,11th June 2021


What shall happen?

if we bear no children

the home shall turn

into hell with unknown consequences


why a child will starve?

if you have enough willpower

and resolve to come over

any hardship that develops later


if you are afraid of life

prefer no more to live with strife

what shall be worth living?

if yo...

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Letter-Sad memory

 letter-Sad memory

Friday,11th June 2021


I shocked to see you go

it was a massive blow

to me and family members

we could only offer prayers


everything has been taken care off

your unfinished work has been cleared

your name now appears in a good book

your loss really shook us for a long time


I have kept your tradition

to improve upon the relation


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No man's land

 No man's land

Friday,11th June 2021


It is no-man's-land

so live peacefully from your end

create confidence and trust

it is the first condition and must


stand by one another

sans fear

I am here to help you all

stay together and give harmony call


I created this holy place

for all the races

no distinction made for caste and creed

so harmonize the...

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Liberated soul

Liberated soul

Thursday,10th June 2021


I feel a liberated soul

and called upon

inner conscious to obey

and pray for


but my rivals revolted

refused to vacate

and related the old theory

once in, they will not go out "Sorry dear"


my effort was coming to a halt

it was like the blue from the bold

i decided not to succumb

and climb the ladder



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Past mistakes

Past mistakes

Thursday,10th June 2021


I want to repeat past mistakes

and take on

with sincerity

and prayer to an almighty


that innocent smile

presenting distinct style

but projecting self before all

and call upon them to become a friend


I was no flirt

even though I wore a shirt

that had appealing postures

reminding me well about the future



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Not a day pass

Not a day passed

Wednesday,9th June 2021


Not a day is passing by

when I am not missing you

the luck proved the hardest hit

and I was beaten on each count


you were not only pushed by miles

but treated cruelly too

I was not even in a position to see

or bid a goodbye


yet, that distance has not marred

rather it has offered

a splendid solution


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Shyness-Over weight

Shyness-Over weight

Wednesday,9th June 2021


Beautify the nature

enjoy the future

take body care

don't increase weight here


the food may be tasty

but it may spoil your beauty

people may cut jokes

and it may invite heart stroke


you shall prefer inside stay

and never go away

as it shall cause you shyness

with the lines of remorse


eat the f...

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The old theory

The old theory

Wednesday,9th June 2021


The earth trembles with fear

no one knows when the war clouds would come near

threaten entire human beings

to bring chaos and disorder


not only youth, children or old people

everybody has to struggle

for the survival

as an individual


forget about the old theory

where people used to talk of humanity

extend hum...

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Death is rehearsal


 Death is rehearsal

Wednesday,9th June 2021


It is a death rehearsal

for every individual

to go for sleep

and keep coming again


morning sun reminds

and if the wind is favourable

you needn't struggle

but act nice among people


it is cautioning

and not questioning

about your conduct

and warning about not ducking


believe it or not


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Love-no room for lust

 Love- no room for lust

Sunday,6th June 2021


Why do we think?

and put ink

for the love and sex

and mix it with a female label


love is a different matter

the name can be whispered

love can be uttered

and can be offered in a dignified manner


when you put yourself in a receiving end

it sends wrong signals

if each individual tries to force his will


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Modern day saint

Modern-day saint

Sunday,6th June 2021


Will I ever attain sainthood?

without being understood

without leaving food,

that is good nutrition for the body!


how can it be made pure?

without ousting the impurity

that lies in every cell

to tell about my vicious mind


how can I attain the ways of salvation?

when remaining knee-deep with penetration

for the...

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Make a room for

 Make room for

Sunday,6th June 2021


Come out from dream syndrome

and show it in a proper form

love is palpitation

a powerful bond and relation


let us not weave around

unreality and find impracticable

it demands self-explanation

based on the feelings and inter-relation


it is easy to dream about

and take into account

the things unrealistic nature


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Flower & fragrance

Flower & fragrance

Saturday,5th June 2021


After all, it is a flower

that spreads the fragrance further

it doesn't see the direction

but remains uni-directional


once broken

it doesn't mean

you will lose often

and never think of it again


I know you have gone away

with an unusual feeling of a different way

I shall not turn you down

if you wish to ...

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Love to share& dare

love to share & dare

Saturday,5th June 2021


Love is to share

and dare

for its free flow

and go by the universal saying


more you show

less shall be the blow

the kind river may flow

the face may glow


love is to distribute

that shall dilute

the hatred and ill feelings

and shall make you well behaved human being


love can't remain hidden


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No peace in mind

No peace in mind

Saturday,5th June 2021


No peace in mind

even if you try to find

it is of such a kind

that it will always make you blind


peace rests

in bird's nest

where love is of sacrificial test

birds go out and bring in the feast


peace is not in making the hunt

and with bearing the brunt

you may have the treasure

but may fall in behaviour


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My eyes to go

My eyes to go

Saturday,5th June 2021


I must open my mind

and find my wish

to be fulfilled

and an opportunity must be availed


not the name alone

but respect for my human soul

that has something more to express

and bring a smile to many faces


I want my eyes to go

to the person and show

the world that he has now eyes

and can try another world to s...

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Promises are often


Promises are often

Friday,4th June 2021


Promises are the token of friendly gesture

but not sure of

its implementation

it is done just in a suitable situation



it makes misses

it still stands

and ends in the dismal show


promises are hollow

and not allowed

to take shape

as it is tapped on no man's words


it has become our lega...

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O My, countrymen

O, My countrymen

Friday,4th June 2021


Oh, rising sun

enlighten our nation

with glittering rays and beams

we sing in praise the national anthem


o rain, shower with

our fields and usher

in prosperity with grains

that shall feed our brethren


O morning

birds, chirp with singing

add melody and sweating

for my country's rising


let my countrym...

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Africa-real one

 Africa- a real one

Thursday,3rd June 2021


Starving people

hardship faced by individuals

the desert wants to swallow

and not allow any living thing things


people flee

for the want to free food

as no comfortable sight is seen

this is a really cruel scene


Africa, the great aspiration

needs our attention

from the international communities

to provi...

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Grace me

 Grace me

Thursday,3rd June 2021


Grace me an occasion

whereby I can feel the relation

the bond and close breath

it will not shake the faith


get me from dark to light

smile at me to get delighted

wrong me not for the right

engage me not to fight


I shall turn a new leaf

and remain brief

to provide a relief

for all those who have a firm belief 


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Pack your luggage

 Pack your luggage

Thursday,3rd June 2021


Life has served me a notice

and surprised with a call

"pack up your belongings"

you shall cease as a human being


nothing shall accompany

it is an order from an almighty

you are leaving without notice

you have no choice


I wonder at this hide and seek game

whom to blame?

we are given a short span

we can't...

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Life is poetry

 Life is poetry

Thursday,3rd June 2021


life may have an option

but poetry has a deep relation

with my being as human

it has a strong root with the passion


life shall remain aimless

with pain

and go down the drain

if I remain in isolation


poetry is life and mission

there is no compulsion

but there is no confusion also

it is mind and heart's comb...

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Marriage anniversary-Bond

 Marriage anniversary-Bond

Wednesday, 2nd June 2021


Happy marriage anniversary

such an occasion to make me happy

you were such a decent guy

who tried to buy anything for me


it was not the question of pleasing

but releasing the spirit of the marriage bond

even if we remained not fond of each other

quarrelled over little pretty issued and differed


still, ...

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Thank you sir

Thank you, sir

Wednesday,2nd June 2021


Thank you, prime Minister Sir

for doing needful here

we, the children,

we are really over burdened


why are we stuffed with load?

why have we to carry books to read?

these heavy books are for higher standards

why are we subjected to prepare and look forward?


one little girl writes from Kashmir Valley

from morning...

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We are powerful

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

8:16 AM

We are powerful

Wednesday,2nd June 2021


You are real

and not typical

you are a woman of substance

love's replica and essence


They subjected you to a mental torture

hunted from time to time to feel a terrible hour

you have clung your ground

and found deep roots around


the human beings have deceived

and received ap...

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Internal beauty of a soul

  Internal beauty of a soul

Wednesday,2ne June 2021


Not exterior

but an interior

decoration of the house

rouses keen interest and is always welcome


human beings are known for their excellence

calm nature despite remaining tense

it is a real beauty of being good and noble

that wards of any unnecessary struggle


beauty contest all over the globe

needs t...

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