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Let us show

Let us show

Tuesday,26th Oct 2021


Let us show

and grow

with the patience

and seize the chance


the world needs to change

and manage

with the tolerance

and love's stance


let us make it appear

sans fear

that it has no other go

but love has to glow


the world needs healing

a good dealing

regarding humanity

and treatment of one famil...

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I shall make

I shall make

Tuesday,26th Oct 2021


I shall make you feel

an ideal woman

complete human

and dedicated to a man


I shall not make you sob

or rob

of your freedom

and believe in your wisdom


I shall snatch nothing

but catch

your attention

and show the sacred relation


I shall make you live with peace

with a calm breathe

and shall never h...

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Run & survive

Run & survive

Saturday,23rd Oct 2021

O, Gentleman

you are human

first and last as a man or woman

make it lively with an action

struggle not

people may laugh

run on rough terrain

despite being fragile human

result awaits

and waits for your venture

make sure

you have a bright future

nothing prevents

but presents

with enormous opportunities

jump in w...

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Friday, October 8, 2021

7:00 AM



create a person well being

to bring

and sing with happiness


what keeps you going?

and showing

the worthiness of life

despite being torn with strife


it has made me strong

and inspired me to remain among

the people who struggle

and earn names as wonderful individuals


I control an urge


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True love

Believe in true love

Friday,8th Oct 2021



and live

in paradise

with your thoughts to surprise


what do you understand by word?

that is called a gift from the lord

you take it as physical attraction

and go for lust and intimate relation


upon rejection

you feel like an end of human

nothing is left in this journey

and even blame an almighty


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Live dead

Thursday,7th Oct 2021


You shall live dead

who fails to read?

reacts for something

brings nothing


simply living on earth

eating and passing

sleeping and facing with

no difficulties


vain life with no duties

beautiful lady with sleeping beauty

you will fade like a flower

the sun shall set thereafter


darkness shall prevail all over

you shal...

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You are beauty

You are beauty

Thursday,7th Oct 2021


You are no ugly

but simple beauty

with rose's resemblance

and lifetime chance


your fragrance smell

very honestly tell

"feel my beauty from inside"

and decide


I want to come near

but feel fears

you may shy

and fly away


I want you not to fade

not to trade

but remain as beautiful as ever

and s...

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Presence of mind

Presence of mind

Thursday,7th Oct 2021


If a child has an innocence

we have the presence of mind

we get whatever we want

and can't allow others

to cause fears


Dr Hasmukh Mehta

D.Litt, Folt

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Ask nothing dear

Ask nothing dear

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

5:42 AM


Ask nothing dear

but try to allay fears

the woman never speaks yes

just make an honest trace


expect nothing

but say something

that appeals her

and creates feel


don't exaggerate

but relate

your honesty

and sincerity


hold the hand

\as a friend

but never end by saying

say "I am ...

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Quest-serves no purpose

Quest-serves no best

Tuesday,5th Oct 2021


You have a progress

with full access

and success too

you have the prosperity

and blessings from an almighty


but why apathy?




apart from being greedy!


what on earth!

shall accompany upon death

do you have faith?

Can you breathe normally?

are you an honest individual?


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Sunday,3rd Oct 2021


P...Put full stop





Nothing can re-emerge

the process should merge

you should have sway on an edge

and take the soul out from the cage


if past is allowed

to spread its shadow

it shall blow

your present growth


store nothing and forget

if that has to be let

for a prosperous and happy...

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Let us reason out

Let us reason out

Sunday,3rd Oct 2021


Let us reason out

when we talk about

life's journey

and its ultimate destiny


it matters less

what did we face!

it matters more

how did we explore!


if life is like a boat

it might be caught

at mid-sea and run aground

the danger seems sound


life has its own charisma

for a person to undergo anguish ...

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Happiness-real factor

appiness - Real factor

Sunday,3rd Oct 2021



a thing to have an access

and face

the entire world in a race


you dream of luxury

and pray daily to an almighty

for the fulfilment

and present it with frankness


sometimes you fail in the drive

still, you desire to survive

and revive another method

and avoid frustration


this contentme...

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