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Peace is here

Peace is here

Sunday,24th Apr 2022

Where is He not there?

Why do we fear?

And refuse to go near!

When everything is clear!

nature is around

where peace is readily found

the fragrance is spread on the ground

we are all bound to go with it

Leave everything to him for consideration

you concentrate only on human relation

live peacefully as a good human being

and ...

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Kind nature

Kind nature

Sunday,24th Apr 2022

One enters beautiful earth

other leaves, dear land, after the death

we live and spend time with good faith

pray for peace and take a calm breath

we have immeasurable joy underneath

What to talk about nature?

when everything is available for sure

whether we agree to our failure

still, it is a kind nature

our nurse to take care and nu...

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Life-The dark tunnel

Life-A dark tunnel

Thursday, April 21, 2022

5:59 PM

Life is like the tunnel

simple underpass to travel

with no scope to excel

but wait for a light and travel

our knowledge is limited

like the darkness that has existed

but your persistent drive

makes you stand firm and survive

you don't know what lies ahead

and you are unable to read

from left or right

but ...

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Pay an attention-Woman

Hasmuk Mehta

13h  · Shared with Public

Pay an attention-Woman

Friday, 22nd Apr 2022

Nice to get an attention

when it comes to the holy question

let it be any nation

women always present the harmonious relation

women are the same

to claim

the holy position

and strengthen the bond between humans

Who shall be on the earth?

Who holds the strong faith!

and ...

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The child is born

The child is born 
Friday, 22nd Apr 2022

It becomes heaven on earth 
Everybody holds the breath  
when the cry is heard from the newborn
A smile turns on everybody's face

Especially girls get full attention
and is considered as Goddess incarnation
the prosperity may multiply
and there shall be happiness in the family 

Some of the rich families
extend all the facilities
even in th...

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