A passage through the arches of time

Upon which cascades the fortunes of history

Rome and Athens where are your children

Cast asunder in the lands of Bohemia

We will perish without you

Revisit us and revitalise our civilisation

Lest we sink into an abyss of ugliness

Save us as we plunge into the unkown

Anchor us in your antiquity

Nurture us with your philosophy

Drench us with your art

Entrance us with your poetry

Let is stand in awe of your architecture

Manifest your sculptures

Of human form and exquisite beauty

A lost tribe of seekers and fortune hunters

We have become

We are woe bygone

Take us back to Delphi

Teach us a literature incomparable

Reveal again true democracy and its virtues

Carry us up to the heights of the Acropolis

Manifest your glory and wisdom

◄ Stabbed

Infection ►


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Paul Sayer

Thu 12th Mar 2020 08:36

I am eternally praying for this day Keith.

A truly great piece of poetry... I am glad I am Teflon coated my friend.

I almost forgot what I came here for... Thank you!

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