A poem about my lovely husband, Rick.

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It's all I can do
To sit up and gaze upon your beauty
As you lay there
Your chest rising
Then falling
Once rugged hair now
glistening and twinkling
As the moonlight catches
And I sigh
You're in so deep now
The streaks of silken hair rise and fall
With every breath
I turn next to your face
Lined with the beauty of age
And wisdom
And stress
And I quietly observe
The flare of your nostril on the in breath
The puh of your lips on the out
And all I can do is watch
And you don't see me
Or hear me
Or feel my wrath
As your breathing gets heavier
The puhs getting louder
The beauty rapidly fading
As it begins
And I just sit and stare
At your ugly flaccid face
Softened by sleep
Features less defined
And my love turns rapidly to hate
And it's all i can do to sit and stare
At the pillow in my hand
And wonder how it would feel
To transfer the power from within me
To make you still again
And bring back your beauty
And silence
And peace.


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Tue 7th Jan 2020 12:36

Haha, this made me smile. Nice one.

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Jain Gawne

Mon 6th Jan 2020 21:33

Just a bit of a fun one :)

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