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Let's dream our journey!! 💖

I'm weaving new deams over the old ones

Grey cells are breaking to give way to coloured fun

A new life sprouts forth from the cosmic love seeds

Spreading like huge branches of  deodar trees

A ray of hope trickles from the fog and mist 

As the sun shines bright melting all darkened bricks

Will you hold my hand and walk all those unknown miles

Into the Land where togetherness and happiness shines

Holy endeavours and hours are breaking their silence

Clock chimes the times corroding loneliness towers

Building castles beyond the azure shores of blue reefs

On a hillock where angels gather cascading mighty powers

Hustle and bustle of the countryside covered with nature's musical nights

Where the oceans play the instrumental tides in a cacophony of sombre bright

The pearls of blues and whites spreading lustrous smiles

Amidst all the humdrum affairs the twin souls entwines

Living the golden destiny that fate brought them in home heavenly

Phantoms of past disapper making way for dreams anew

Twin eyes dreaming and weaving silently their wishful lives

This new winter season a catalyst triggers fulfilment of blessedly pleasant dreams

Let's sit warming our frozen selves by the fire of love

Melting our desires as the twin souls sheepishly disloves

Disappearing into the starlit night as the white flowing light

Fetching every fragrance from rose, jasmine and lilly 

Pouring in the beautiful aromas from wilderness into existence of purity

The night falls asleep silently weaving new dreams 

And the morning awakes with bright and happily smiling sunny beams




◄ Love you forever more!! 💖

I need!!! ►



Mon 30th Dec 2019 06:07

Thank you Adam. 💐

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Mon 30th Dec 2019 04:25

Your imagery makes me smile and gives me a feeling of hopefulness.

I especially enjoy the phrase 'Twin eyes dreaming and weaving silently their wishful lives' - the image in my mind of eyes weaving dreams is beautiful; one I won't forget.

There are many parts to this that I enjoy. Thank-you Do.RoThy.

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