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Love you forever more!! 💖

As another day breaks

Sun still hiding behind blue gates

I sit here unrolling the heart's scroll

Reading aloud to you this poetic monologue 


"O! My love, you have been away so long,

My soul is yearning to meet your soul,

My eyes have lost its shine and brightness 

Ever since your departure from here

Life has never been the same good again.


Here i sit awaiting your plane to land

Flight missed and remissed on occasions important 

With every flight that crosses the sky above my home

I feel your wandering feet returning back to me home.


O! My darling, it's been summers and winters tale

The counting of days, weeks and months going pale

Heart's laden with grief and so much sorrow to relate

Just a hug from you is all it seeks to be happy and elate

My Joy, My love......your's the face i see in everything 

You are here with me in our memories brief

Created unintentionally throughout our virtuous meet


Kiss me softly, love me gently

Hold me hard, hug me wild

Darling you are my only love of it's kind


I am proud to be in love with you

You are strong, intelligent, powerful and yes! Very handsome

I love you for your nature true,

Your manners and your behavior too

The way you talk, and way you smile 

Innocence dripping from your eyes

Purity and peace brightens your face

Loving caring heart your chest carries everyday

Humbleness and gratitude is your make

Clarity of mind and decisions right

There is so much i admire you for

In brief, I love you for who you are


I love you my darling moon!!"


With these words I roll back the scroll

My heart feels light and so much peace

As i talk to you through these worldly means

Although our communication needs no screen

We are one in soul and telepathy is our deal

I can feel your very breath in my very self

As you do feel me in your every breath.



◄ Chequered life game!!

Let's dream our journey!! 💖 ►



Sun 29th Dec 2019 23:31

Orbit Do......loved it!!.this is beautiful.....💋


Sun 29th Dec 2019 23:28

Donny Dear, i can see you fast keeping with me. A writing marathon 🏃 hehehe
Thnx Don!!

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Paul Sayer

Sun 29th Dec 2019 23:28


If I am your Moon you are my Orbit



Sun 29th Dec 2019 23:26

I'm glad you adore the write.....n yes!!my love is more lovely n handsome n beautiful than the moon....n he's my only n only...Po
Thnx dear!!!

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Don Matthews

Sun 29th Dec 2019 14:11

Gosh Do, your pen seems to go faster than a rollercoaster.... I gotta run to keep up with you..


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Paul Sayer

Sun 29th Dec 2019 13:28

This is extremely poetic Do

..."I love you my darling moon!!"

This could be actually, or metaphorical, actually.


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