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I need!!!

I need to quieten my mind

Of the chaos running wild

The soul needs to wait

Before meeting it's twin

at the next beautiful gate


There are lots of words

Running a wild race

Marathon of thoughts

Feelings doing acrobatics 

Knowing not where to pause


I need to rest my soul

Fetch some pills of peace

Enter the silent zone

And let me mind slowly sleep

Before the dawn retreats


I need to hold on tight

To the wavering faith

Flickering hopes and dreams 

Letting them be at ease

To make a stronger me


I need to let my heart beat

At it's own slow pace

Anxiety and curiosity can stay

Away from me in dungeons deep

So that my heart regains it's activity


I need to "laugh out loud"

To release pent up tensions

Venting away all the stale breath

Which has molten discomforts

Else eruptions loud can bring untold miseries 


I need to often smile

Slowing down the running life

Athletes steady i shall meet

Whose aim is motivating not victory

Inspiring minds to be one of their kind


Toilet poet:- 


need to sit over toilet seat

Releasing some worthwhile poetry

Gently letting the muses arise

To let go off when it softly builds

Flushing down the ugly verses and lyrics



◄ Let's dream our journey!! 💖

I want just us to be!! ►


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Paul Sayer

Tue 31st Dec 2019 18:11

Remember to take time... to take time.

It will always wait for you.

How many hours do we lose running to catch up with time when all we have to do is STOP.


Mon 30th Dec 2019 23:24

Ah! Losing your phone is more tragic than losing the love of your life in today's time....i can feel your pain although now broken into million pieces, but somehow it can still feel your feel again.

Buy a new one Donny dear, latest and new that can serve you life long. Really well.

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Don Matthews

Mon 30th Dec 2019 22:21

Toilet poet recommends
Sitting on the toot
Ridding all the shitty stuff
In the bowl it put

Push the shit-flush button
Shit! there goes my phone
Dropped in in the toilet bowl
Moan moan moan


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