For the Notion of Emotion of Three in a Bed

For the Notion of Emotion of Three in a Bed

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‘Who’s to lose when there are three in a bed?’ they said; ‘sheets a mess,

two plus you, who can fail with that much male! six hands, three cocks

doesn’t that make a better fuck?’

I guess—perhaps maybe possibly but isn’t one gonna be the guy

who has to sit aside and watch instead? out of the fun, outdone, alone

with his hand and waiting to cum?

And where’s the passion when all you have is this ration: tiny slice

of double-(hu)man-pie, two guys plus you aside not inside. 

Skin upon skin upon muscle upon bone yet you’re alone and watching

them groan, attempting those manoeuvres a tactical chooser, trying to

negotiate limbs.

There’s not a thing romantic or personally attractive

about the likelihood

of ‘me and you and him’.

M. R. Wallis

aside not insidemaxthreesomewallis

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Sat 3rd Apr 2010 11:40

A frank and compelling observation with clear, artful images; but mostly, it shows a universal truth that could be applied to almost anything, not just a 'menage a trois'. (no French marks available). Very good title.

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