For Help

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The For Series

For  Help


open, sore

unwelcome untended

shackled, chain, body maimed,

unmendable labels gained


enamoured, hammered,

paranoid, no android:





illogical, fleeting, hearts-weeping,

gleaming dreaming




To think of this

to think of this

to think




as love.


But blue yellow brown and red

are not the colours of love

but blood instead.


M. R. Wallis



Part of a collection that will be (reasonably) shortly completed based around all different aspects of love from passion to devotion, to hope to hate, and of course the negative aspects, too - such as the kind of love which is hurtful.


I'll try and upload a recital soon.

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Max Wallis

Fri 2nd Apr 2010 11:02

Thanks Winston - my audio files are on my other computer right now but I intend to upload them!

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winston plowes

Thu 1st Apr 2010 20:45

Hi again Max. Just listened to 'For Help'. A commanding reading on your website. You know that you can upload an audio to accompany any blog entry

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Max Wallis

Thu 1st Apr 2010 13:51

Winston - I write on average about 8 poems a xeek at the moment as well as prose. My website is x

<Deleted User> (7075)

Thu 1st Apr 2010 13:37

I look forward to the next insallment Max. A couple of things.1) Obviously you care about how the font size and layout looks on the page. I am afraid thatthe WOL text editor box is not so accomplished :-( . you could create some blank lines before the first line of the poem and then it wont be pushed over by the pic in the blog entry. 2) Great idea posting a series. Try and put up one every week or few days as if you put them up all at one people tend to get a bit flooded. Keep writing. Toodeloo. Winston

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Greg Freeman

Wed 31st Mar 2010 10:53

Max, in both the poems that you've posted the words are carefully chosen, accessible and adept. I like poems that refer to the net, because so many of us spend so much time on it, and it changes the way some of us behave. Good luck with your collection. Greg

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