2020 Trev's Texas Tour (Not)

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So called because of the Coronavirus my trip was called off as country after country shut down as it swept across the world. Everything started out as usual, plans were made, put into action, events recorded in rhyme. Reaching 1500 travel poems would be easy, by the time I'd finished it could  have been well over 1600 but it was not to be. I decided to carry on writing and make 1500, it did turn out to be 1504. The image seemed appropriate.


21.6.19 - 1) I thought I’d save a heap, my usual travel on the cheap

Always a delight to get a cheap flight

Normally wait till August but thought I’d give June a try

Thought it may be cheaper to book earlier but it seemed in vain

Prices the same or more, so try again

The time I wanted seemed so dear compared to last year

Other other flights cheaper but stopovers far too short

Cheaper flights the main agencies did regale it all seemed to no avail

Then one day a surprise it said clear, cheaper than last year

Not the time I wanted to fly but decided to give it a try


29.07.19 - 2) I decided to have a look at the details of my flight

Logged on and got a bit of a fright

Slight feeling if dread, I’d booked to fly out on Friday instead

All not lost made a phone call to see if there would be a cost

They said they would get back, they did I nearly dropped through the floor

I felt a bit sore when they asked for £347 more

I thought it would be cheaper to take the flight

And book a motel for the extra night

The rates were checked it proved to be so

So no change in flight I extended my stay for the extra night 

And I get to touchdown, a day earlier in Austin, my spiritual hometown


26.08.19 - 3) Car rental offers keep more money in your coffers

They were raving about how much you could be saving

The offers kept flowing and I was soon knowing

Kept having a look to decide the best time to book

Bargains to seek get more off with a bit of cheek

But one thing of which I take care, I get roadside assistance over there

Cos’ when things don’t go fine it’s just call and sign on the line

So phone call made, and my task simply to ask  

Simply what would be the cost for me going far to hire a car.

A couple of minutes chat and that was that

Another bargain had for this travelling lad

Now I can’t wait to get away


25.09.19 - 4) There came news that made me frown

A travel agent was shutting down

The oldest one in the nation went into administration

Then a thought, it’s where I top up my cash passport

For some with holidays booked it was hard, I was glad I’d emptied my card

Sadly no more to have a laugh with the staff

Having them with laughter and interest smitten

Telling them some of the poems I’d written

Other escapades and more on my annual Texas Poetry Tour

This was written after the travel agent where I got and topped up my cash passport from closed down, we always used to have a laugh and chat when I went in to do any top ups.


07.10.19 - 5) I got my insurance but it took a while

I filled in the details but to no avail they would send me a quote by e mail

Not what I wanted when I can usually get it sorted there and then

So I persevered and was soon cheered

As what was seen was a list of prices on my monitor screen

My next thought the taxi to the airport

To Manchester Airport from Castleford town I made the call but the firm had shut down

One again I searched away and found may be a better way

Began to think I could use the Leeds to Manchester Airport rail link

No feeling blue that there may be hold ups on the M62

Taxi to the station then let the train take the strain



15.10.19 - 6) Time to get another cash passport, I thought

So I’m not caught hopping, I’d get it when I did the shopping

Shopping done, I went for one, then saw to my delight

The travel agent was open again a buyout by another

It wasn’t hard to figure out I may still be able to use the same card

And have a laugh with the same staff

Called in to ask if things would be as they used to be

The staff said they hoped so but for now it’s wait and see

So thought with a smile, I hope so, I’ll just wait a while


30.11.19 - 7) I waited a while more then asked what was the score

And was told their cash passports were no more

Sad but alas it was so, then I had to go

To another travel agent and it was soon done

Now sorted and that’s not all I’ll tell cos’ I’ve registered for the AIPF as well


31.12.19 – 8) RGVIPF registration now completed 2019 draws to an end

And I’ve got to decide which poems to send

Using the wonders of technology

To get them there for the festival anthology

So many to choose from last year’s tour and many more from tours before

Or even some from elsewhere in my collection from any other section

Take my time to decide before they are sent across the ocean wide 

So Valley folk can enjoy once more, another Road Poet poetry score.


22.01.20 - 9) So far I’ve written nothing this year,

But there’s no need to fear

May be some event’ll get me writing with intent

And as my April Texas tour draws near, no doubt I’ll write more

Score after score as inspiration strikes and the creative bells start ringing

When someone starts singing

Or what someone may say, will get me writing away 

Yes one thing’s for sure I’m gonna write some more

Then there’ll be my Texas tour which’ll again yield many a score

As again I’ll more’n likely be scribblin’ away from break of day.

Till the sun goin’ down be it on the road or in town.

Often without rest the Road Poet at his best


23.02.20 - 10) Yes the taxi firm was no more

That took me to the airport to start my tour

So I looked at another way to start my journey on departure day

Let the train take the strain

I thought I might cos’ the times were just right

The price much lower, its appeal the stronger,

And it seemed less fuss than the bus which would have taken much longer 

Just hope it turns up on time, and there’s no trouble with leaves on the line

The price was indeed right and the times and between 5 & 10 mins from the train station clinched it.


25.02.20 - 11) We’ve had storms Ciara & Dennis

Causing flooding and despair, everywhere

Social media lets us know, some places have had snow

Now they’ve gone and life carries on

Drying out, cleaning and rebuilding to be done

Community sprit coming to the fore as it has so often done before

We’ve still got cold wind and, rain once more beating on my window pane

Then it stops a brief respite, blue sky and then it’s back again

And I’m thinking “If music hath charms to soothe the savage breast”.

Then let me pick out and play some of my best  

Get it going, soon I can feel inspiration flowing

Poems to be done, no sign of the sun but I finish one

Then the music inspires me to write another score

Then sit back relax and let it flow once more


07.03.20 - 12) There came news from East

Something about a virus spreading

In a province in China then news we were dreading

It was spreading even more as the news unfurled

Of it spreading to the outside world,

Things got manic but we were told not to panic

For those in China quarantine unable to complete there oriental roam

There was a rescue flight and get home then quarantine again

Then it was on cruise liner from a passenger that had been to China

And so it spread more and more

The media saying we were doomed town after town going on lock down

Then the media whipped it up rumours flying creating panic buying  

As if they never knew many more have died from the flu

Optimists asked why all the fear there’s more die from influenza every year

So I’ll do what suggested, methods tried and tested

Try and keep calm and just hope and pray

I’ll be flying to Texas on departure day


10.03.20 - 13) Off the shelves stuff’s flying

Toilet rolls, pasts, as we read of idiots panic buying

Not giving a second thought plenty to go round

Then the news got even worse the media going to town

Italy then Spain, countries in lock down

Anything to combat the virus’s legions

USA banning flights from certain regions,

But so far it’s ok, none of them are the UK

So let’s hope I don’t find President Trump changes his mind

Or this could be from Trevor, the shortest travel poetry journal ever


15.03.20 - 14) Alas it was too good to be true, news that made me blue

Ireland and the UK, were now on the banned list of flights to the USA

Felt really down hearted, tour over before it started

Hopes dashed like my poetry world had crashed

Had to let my friends know I couldn’t go

The news I hoped they’d never hear,

The Road Poet won’t be coming this year


16.03.20 - 15) I told my Texas friends an’ they were sad

This year about missin’ the Yorkshire Lad

Whose humour an’ wit was always a hit

An’ the times he’d come up with instant rhymes

Who always seemed to know how to make the event flow.

An’ no one could refute David Lester Young’s tribute

Saying how sad it would be in Austin without Poets 3


17.03.20 – 16) It seemed time to do another rhyme

So I got the music flowin’ and got goin’

So I wrote the following an’ posted it where folks could look

On my personal page in Facebook.

“As you could be supposin' terneet Ah'm composin'
Got some great music flowin' just reyt for me
10 versions of Pachalbels Canon in D
Just finnished poem 15 of what would have been this year’s tour
Now gonna try an’ do some more
Yes the Coronavirus may have stopped me
Goin' to Texas but it ain't stopped mah poedree”


18.03.20 - 17) One thing has made me sad and a bit mad

One place I’ll miss a sure as a lovers kiss

Where when in Austin I spend part of my day

Lookin’ after injured animals from squirrel to possum

From racoon, to rabbit, from bluebird to Jay

At Austin Wildlife Rescue there given ‘em tender love an’ care

Makes me cry when they die, but I look on with glee,

When I see them taken to be set free. On the land or in the air

And as always I’m proud to have been part of the team

That got them back there


19.03.20 - 18) So I’m lookin’ to see how the virus is progressin’

A cure would sure be a blessin’

Really make me smile but it’s not gonna be for a while

Government emergency planning, public events they’re banning

It don’t seem so just as across the pond another event bites the dust

AIPF amid the fears stopped after 27 years

An’ Lamesa’s Chicken Fried Steak Festival ain’t goin’ down

In that friendly West Texas town

In the Rio Grande Valley life now just seems so drear,

Nothin’ goin’ on in Texas, an’ nothing goin’ on over here


20.03.20 - 19) Sad today cos’ I had to say

5 Towns Radio was going off the air

Deeply pained as I explained, trying not to cry as I said why

The Hut was closing for the duration, while the Coronavirus swept the nation

Outwards heading, to stop it spreading

Plans were endorsed, rules enforced

Showing caution we had to close as a precaution

A final song to choose it was the theme tune from Hill Street Blues

Preceded by thanking our listeners wishing them well

And saying almost in prayer

“May your God go with you” and “Hey let’s be careful out there”

Hope it’s not all in vain and soon we’re back on the air again


20.03.20 - 20) Got a refund on my car hire and my train to the airport

Motels cancelled for free just one thing left for me

So I’m not too blue a refund of my air fare too


23.03.20 - 21) There came news that normally got me delighted

One of my poems chosen for an anthology

Knowing it would be recited, recited by me

But alas it was not to be

I would not be heard and seen thanks to Covid 19

At times I really want to weep; I know that it will keep

Hopefully next year I’ll get chance to read the great score

When I’m back in Texas, my spiritual home once more


24.03.20 - 22) Then news came that made some frown

The country was going on lockdown

Others thinking they knew best

Going on a roam when asked to stay at home

It’s not a game, they’ve only themselves to blame

How could they be so dense, will they ever see sense


25.03.20 - 23) Rise to face the day, departure day would have been two days away

And I looking forward with delight to the forthcoming flight

But alas it is not to be plans coming to nought

The world with Corona Virus wrought

Social distancing and self isolation

The order of the day in many an affected nation

Now it’s another day and the sun is up

I’m laid on the settee with our little pup

He’s asleep and I’m laying thinking maybe time for meditation and praying


27.03.20- 24) Today’s the day I should have been away

To the airport letting the train take the strain

And use the time to catch the experience in rhyme

Then write about time abating as I’m sat waiting

Then write about the first flight

Then write more, score after score, but today, I’m not going away

Covid – 19 has spread its evil hand over the land

A world in lockdown, so I have to stay in my home town

No Texas this year a friend over e mailed me to tell

Things are bad there as well

Plugs have been pulled events annulled

Amid virus fears the first time some have been closed in years

Bang goes this year’s roam, I’m advised to stay at home

No travelling poetry score but there those to whom it has cost more

Loved ones lost a far greater cost

Lives not wealth and at least for now I’ve got my health

Taking it day by day, and hope and pray

If we get the all clear I’ll return to Texas next year

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