2019 Trev goes to...... yes Texas again. Part 2 The Journey Out

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Image:  My suitcase at Austin Airport this year it arrived at the same time.


30.03.19 – 20) Departure day, taxi arrives I’m on my way along the M62

The day after we should have left the EU

Nothing more to be written or said as to Manchester I head

Look to the day ahead and more, as I begin my 9th poetry tour

Into a fog bank nothing to worry about

A few minutes later and I’m out Nothing to fear, Manchester’s usually clear

An earlier flight this year, longer lay over at Heathrow

So hopefully when I get to Austin I find, my suitcase hasn’t been left behind


21) Arrive book in through customs it’s quick

Then fate decides to play a little trick, not expected, twice my bag rejected

Swabbed for drugs came out clean, then the problem was seen

Cowboy belt, big buckle the x-ray machine couldn’t define

As soon as it was known sit was all fine

Customs guy said with a smile as I came away

Next time I suggest you put it in the tray


22) Breakfast had for this travellin’ lad. no denyin’

Egg an’ bacon sandwich from KFC was satisfyin’

With hashbrown an’ coffee to wash it down

Now I’m sat waitin’ yes it’s departure day

An’ it feels like I’ve never been away

My 9th Texas roam an’ even the airport feels like home.


23) I’m sat in the departure lounge an; I see, the info board says Gate 143

To it I’m bound, it’s soon found, boarding pass shown I’m aboard

Seat found luggage stored, Plane fillin’ soon be full and ready to go

So I’ll finish this rhyme by sayin’ hopefully we’ll take off on time


24) 07:43: Loading complete the announcement said

07:56: Overhead lockers closed, we’re ready to go,

Just need control to say so

08:04: Cockpit door shut we’re on the move sure feels good

08:08: Safety briefing done hurray that’s it now were away

08:15: Main runway we’re there

08:17: Engine full power that’s it we’re in the air

08:19: Above the clouds in the sun, my 9th American adventure has begun


25) 08:47Message came through I though was grand,

Approx. 10 minutes till we land Good progress made it did abrade

Plane banks right, levels I can see the ground, that’s it were going down

Ground becoming clearer as we get nearer

Undercarriage down lower we go London below

08:58 That’s it we’ve landed “Hello Heathrow”


26) Landed at Heathrow, plane parked we disembarked

Boarding passes to show for which way to go

Find out where I need to be, info board says Gate Area C

No need to rush first find the room for multi-prayer, two already there

So my prayers begun two faiths praying as one

Then to where I need to be, made my way to Gate Area C


27) Nice and quiet when I got there, then things came alive at 10:05

When the board said “passengers for Austin to be at gate C53

So now we’re here, passengers a plenty, for when we lift off at 11:20

Now we’re boarding in group order, I have to wait a bit more

Cos’ I’m in group 4


28) Once again boarded in good time, worthy of a mention in rhyme

Celebs doing safety instructions somewhat boring

Taking too long I’m surprised we’re not all asleep and snoring

Now to the runway we’re goin’ and I’m knowi’, an’ I smile

It always seems to take a while, then there’s the extra thrust an’ we’re away

Get ready Austin The Road Poets on his way

Flying through the blue hoping his suitcase makes it too


29) Inflight entertainment on the go but I don’t know

How to get the games working but no need for dread

I’ll listen to music instead, Handel’s Messiah boy does it inspire

Me to take the time to compose a rhyme, No time for napping

I got my foot tapping gently to a beautiful choral refrain

An’ I’m lost in music again


30) Ungava Bay below, Canada to follow, just over 5 hours to go

Inflight entertainment not so good in the main

Played some tracks before but they won’t play again

No need to weep just switch it off an’ try to sleep


31) Soon Texas was below, not far to go

Landed through customs, then a sight I wanted to see

My suitcase was re-united with me

Car collected, downtown bound. Motel found

Booked in alright, that’s it for today, I’m havin’ an early night


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