A New Fabric

A New Fabric


A thread weaves itself through a fabric of chaos

it loops and knits in intricate deceit

A pattern emerges of despair and hoplessness

no seamtress can unravel its folds

The quality of material is evidently flawed

the tapestry needs to be started afresh

New colours with a design to attract

will bring a new clientele to buy

A fabric more resilient and fire resistent

for both hand and machine to work

Not one to shrink in water or for colours that run

one where the artist creates using all available methods

This tapestry, a new canvas, will find a home

where it is admired and appreciated

Others will be asked to contribute their ideas

in order to create a representative whole

Irrespective of taste all will stand before it

and find some aspect worthy of mention and distinction

Like those who made the Doomsday it will set a new seal

on an ancient and threadbare tapestry of old

It will stand the test of time

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Thu 18th Apr 2019 15:48

Very interesting and intricate poem.
Well done,

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