In order to write one must read

as to read is food for the empty mind

Vocabulary and syntax come together

on the pages of a book to point the way

Writing requires persistence and regularity

a daily assidious application of discipline

There can be no faltering or excuses

pen and ink will beckon you there

Two thousand words every day

in diaries, letters or journals

These form the gymansium of the writer

Imagination alone is insufficient

as it needs desire and resolution

Time must be found for this art

for it is an art indeed, a skill most profound

Write alone, bereft of any distractions

with a dictionary at your elbow

Be single minded to the task in hand

search for appropriate words to enrich

Write not for personal gain or wealth

do this with a passion filled with love for words

Then the fruits of you labours will be manifest

and the ultimate satisfaction yours

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steve black

Thu 18th Apr 2019 22:14

I take Wolfgar's point about it being somewhat unpoetic but I think the advice is sound.I was advised once not to rush, read, then read some more. Of course, I knew better. It was only when I realised I wasn't a genius and decided to put some work in that I felt I began to make some progress.

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keith jeffries

Thu 18th Apr 2019 19:07


Thank you and I understand your predicament as regards work and ensuing fatigue. Fortunately I am retired so time is at my beck and call. Retirement has a lot going for it apart from arthritis.

Thanks again


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kJ Walker

Thu 18th Apr 2019 18:08

Too true Keith, but time is a luxury that not all of us can afford. I'd love to be able to spend some time reading, then write a couple of thousand words. If truth be known, I come home from work knackered, start to look at a book then fall asleep.
Just wait until I'm retired, I'll be posting stuff all the time, and everyone will be fed up of my scribblings.

Cheers Kevin

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keith jeffries

Thu 18th Apr 2019 15:52


Thanks for the comment.


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keith jeffries

Thu 18th Apr 2019 12:31

Thank you all for your comments. They are appreciated.


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Wolfgar Miere

Thu 18th Apr 2019 06:05

Good morning Keith,

I was drawn to this by the title, then having read it I couldn't help but feel a smattering of irony exists within it.

It seems quite instructional and directive to me rather like a manual for use. I do not agree with all the advice you give, I suspect because the way in which people formulate and create differs greatly across the spectrum of creativity, processes are diverse. That said there are probably fundamental frameworks from which creativity initiates, some of which you list.

I am unsure in what form this piece of writing is presented, as mentioned It seems instructional and directive as opposed to poetic in any way. I know that is a matter of taste and opinion, consequently I offer that statement hoping not to cause any upset to you as the author, it is purely an observation.

Regarding comments about editing thoughts, I believe editing thoughts is generally referred to as thinking.

All the best,


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Don Matthews

Thu 18th Apr 2019 03:12


I liked this very much, particularly the line:

'These form the gymnasium of the writer'


Edit writing yes, thoughts no


jennifer Malden

Wed 17th Apr 2019 18:22

Nice one Keith! How true that one must read to write. I have always been fascinated by the power of words, (I don't mean the stuff I write!) You can start or end a war, kill a person, ruin their career or reputation, change the destiny of a whole nation etc. etc. I was taught to read by my Mum when I was four and a half, and I can still remember (or think I can), the joy of realising I could read whole sentences after days of C A T = cat. Being indolent, your gym is too demanding for me, but you definitely get results.


mona s

Wed 17th Apr 2019 18:16

A very inspiring poem indeed..
Thank you..

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Jason Bayliss

Wed 17th Apr 2019 18:10

So true Keith. I do try and write everyday and although I do edit my words because I'm a dyslexic and I occasionally miss things out that are meant to be there, I try not to edit my thoughts.

J. x

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