Build the Wall!

Another day at Trump Towers, whatever Donald does,

he comes up smelling of flowers

Because he’s the head of a major world power

Build the wall!


Some say he’s had a serious makeover

As hairstyles go it’s a huge combover,

now Is he white or is he foreign?

Maybe the future’s bright,

and the futures orange?

Build the wall!


Trump’s had meetings with Kim Yong- Un

You know he’s that Korean geezer’s son

His name was Kim Yong il, they pretended 

to be mates, but if looks could kill...

Build the wall!


They’re going loco down in Acapulco, at the prospect

of separation from the US of A 

But when all’s said and done and after all

It’s only Donald Trump who wants to

Build the wall!

The Urban Poet 2019









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