Recipe for Disaster?

Remember to double check all ingredients

Take everything with a pinch of salt

However it turns out, it’s never your fault

Just stick to the recipe and be obedient 

Ensure the work area is clean and dry

Then decide whether you grill or fry

If at first there’s no success then just try


Firstly take a person on face value

Sprinkle with trust and a little TLC

Add hope, dreams and ambitions

Mix together to a steady consistency 

Throw in a bunch of disappointment

Bind it all together with a gold ring

Then put some buns in the oven (optional) 


Next, throw everything into the mixer and hope for the best, have a brew, a fag and take a rest

If after a long hard slog it’s not worked out,

and in the recipe you’ve had grave doubts

Throw it all in the relationship recycling bin

And start the process all over again!

(possibly using some old dates)

The Urban Poet 2019

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