Memories worth Forgetting

Memories are made of this?
You must be joking stop taking the mick
They say that little things mean a lot
But you say in my case, definitely not

Remember that day when we first met
In the bookies when you were ‘avin a bet
One place short of an each way double 
When your nag pulled up with bladder trouble
The others all raced down the home straight, 
By the time yours had a pee it was far too late

Remember when we missed our flight to Barbados,
nothing to declare but then they made us,
empty our cases, in case we had a bomb,
yours was full of pants and you’d 3 pairs on.

After all that we got another plane,
the captain announced our landing in Spain,
We said we’d not even booked to go to there,
but nobody listened, and we were up in the air

Wrong plane, wrong holiday, new destination 
We disembarked, and in desperation
We waited for our luggage at that thing going round,
but we drew a blank and it cost us £10
Just to get a taxi to the nearest hotel,
Memories? Yea of a holiday from hell!
The Urban Poet 2019

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<Deleted User> (21854)

Mon 29th Apr 2019 20:17

You have an amazing way of words. Very amusing.

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