Born a Criminal

Born a Criminal


The voice of anger and fury cries out

because before the age of eighteen years I could not come out

I entered this life as a new born criminal

because I was less than socially minimal


I was born in a distant and darker time

where to be Gay held a different rhyme

I crept about in obscure places for love

but it only came from He who is above


I pursued a life of unbearable conformity

which was far from my personal normality

I was scared for most of the time

as I could not tow the respectable line


Thanks to a Bill of Parliament in nineteen ninety six

I now have new found freedom to exist

But this has taken a dreadful toll

because now I am worn and too old


From my past I am a damaged person

for most people has no earthly reason

But for those of us who are Gay

we now live a life of our own well earned way

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keith jeffries

Sun 14th Apr 2019 21:52

Jon and Dorothy,

Thank you both for your comments. There are now very few who can recall those days of open prejudice and punishment. I am one of them. It all happened in this country before 1966 in a nation which boasts its freedom and tolerance.

Thank you again,

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Fri 12th Apr 2019 11:04

Hi Keith
A Poem that makes you stop and ponder. This needed to be written. The fact that times have changed for us in recent years is great news but there should never have been an inequality in the first place should there?

Nevertheless, progress is progress and times are looking brighter and more hopeful.


<Deleted User> (21487)

Mon 8th Apr 2019 16:56

this is so sad - you sound so defeated - I hope it is just a passing moment and that 'tomorrow' will be better.


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