The Harp of Summer´s Joy

The Harp of Summer´s Joy


The wiley mists of Spring open their desire for the chalice of warmth

Summer is on the horizon as a ball of incandescent  welcome

The trumpets of Spring herald the strumming harp of summer´s gladness

New waves caress the shores of our native homeland

Coming forever closer with a gentle crest to settle on untroubled sand

The skies are a vault of gushing confusion as swallows are joined

by other birds of sweet song flying north from their tropical exile

Ears of corn, nests are built high in leafy glades

Optimism pervades the heart and mind of man to awaken him from slumber

Windows are thrown open as a sign of eager welcome

to the warm balmy whispers of a gentle breeze on a summer´s evening

Everywhere is again verdant and thriving to be alive with brimming newness

Hibernation is firmly abolished and reprimanded for the time being

Berries appear as the red kernels of nature´s bunting

Gloom is swept aside and rain beckoned only in occasional showers

Once more we eat al fresco and wander with joy along pleasant lanes

◄ Born a Criminal

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trevor homer

Sun 28th Apr 2019 20:43

Hi Keith - I have been visiting your writing and got to this which I think conveys the essence of where you are coming from. Besides plumbing the depths of despair, as in Born a Criminal, I perceive a love of life's natural wonders. Thanks Trevor

<Deleted User> (21818)

Sat 13th Apr 2019 15:59

Eloquent and heartwarming? ??

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