I barely know you.

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I barely Know You

I don't "really" know you.

When we met,

We hit it off and by that I mean-

You told me all your secrets.

I related with you.

I felt for you. 

I saw something you were unable to see...


Cleaning, running around after Cam and the vist after-

there was, another baby in that perfect belly.

See, I know you're lonely.

You feel under appreciated 

and he's the love of your life.

You want that ring and start planning a wedding.

Dive into your dream of being a his Queen.

My love, you already are.

I know you are struggling with your sexuality

I have healed a lof of people who have too.

You need to light a candle (white and red), get in a sexy lingirie outfit

and imagine your deepest fantasty and become one with your feminine sexuality.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with-

being a sexual, empowered, tender woman.

You have a back bone and throw up this front to keep you from getting hurt

Yes, you're a shit head for fun.

Most of the time you are a broken sweetheart.

You're beautful.

I want to steal you for a night and sit by the fire after planting seeds for my garden

and watch you dance around it like no one is watching.

After I was raped and stalked

I put on my hippie skirt and grabbed my rafiki stick and-

danced and practiced self defense with my stick.

I made a spell and burried it in the back yard.

I have my Wisdom cards, which i use my direct third eye

and tarot quided by spirit.

I would be happy to give you a reading

if you would stop acting like I'm a pee on and you dont' even know me

you know my badass reputation.

I care a lot.

Healthy sex or masturbation is apart of self love.

If you need a girl to kiss and experiment with-

I'm a call a way girlfriend.

I mean that in the least gay way but, in the most Queer way.

It sucks to suffer with all that pain and-

stress and confusion by yourself.

I know you're well known and you have friends.

Are they friends of the true you or the girl they expect you to be?

Be careful who you let into your life sweetie. I sense deception by a woman.

When so much of you wants to evolve into a different Goddess-

and find out who you are sexually, intellectually and emotionally.

Love, I wish you peace and the kids go to bed easy tongiht so you can have that time.

A beautiful, I mean breath taking woman should not look at her reflection and only see her demons.

She should see how hard you and him have fought to keep your family together.

It's beautiful, don't give up.

I read you and get a heart filled with hope.

With all my love gorgeous, 

xxErin 'Harley Quinzee' Buckley

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Jason Bayliss

Wed 13th Mar 2019 12:26

Erin, what a beautiful, considered, well written, letter of true love and true honesty.

Life's too short to judge, life's too short to wait, when death is ever waiting at the final gate.


J. x

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